Kocaeli Metropolitan Student Discount Travel Card Visa Extension Tarithini

📩 16/12/2018 15:01

Kocaeli Metropolitan Travel Card Visa Transactions Tarithini Extends: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Public Transport 15 for student discount travel card launched in November 31 will continue until December. Non-visa student travel cards will be converted into full ticket type tariffs after 1 January 2017 date.


Our students can perform their visa procedures as 2; Kentkart filling points: From the city filling points via YÖKSİS and MEBSİS web service, to make visa procedures automatically during the balance loading (without submitting a student certificate). The visa procedures of the Student Travel Card will be made automatically by the Kentkart filling dealers during the filling process. Until the date of the 01.01.2017, the student cards which are not issued with a visa will be converted into the full type and the students are required to carry out the visa procedures with the purpose of loading the student travel cards at the Kentkart filling points until this date.


Our travel card units: In accordance with the regulations of the travel cards, the student will not be able to make an automatic visa process for any reason and will not be subject to a visa. It can update the travel cards by applying to our units together with the new student documents and student travel cards. 01.01.2015 Student Visa procedures are free of charge and no dealer can charge a visa fee. If the student travel card is subject to direct debit authorization, 1 may carry out visa procedures by loading some money in the travel card or by declaring the student certificate to our units at the individual filling points.

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