Yılmaz, Industry Workers in Samsun Can Not Work, They Can Come by Tram

Yılmaz, Industry Employees in Samsun Can Not Come to Work, but Come by Tram: Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, who came together with non-governmental organizations and businessmen in Samsun, brought the Light Rail system line to Tekkeköy district, so it is not with the shuttle vehicles of the workers working in the industrial sites, but with trams. He explained that he was able to go to work.

President Yilmaz said that workers working on industrial sites could come with trams, not service vehicles, vay We brought the rail system to Tekkeköy. In the coming 2017 year, all of our industrialists should cancel their rented bus and service contracts. Guide your employees to the rail system. One person riding from Tekkeköy Station goes to the 75 per minute to the bottom of the university, 85 minutes by bus, 80 by minibus in minutes. Our slow-running train seems to be extremely reliable, reading your newspaper in less time than the bus and minibus. Extremely comfortable. In 2017 we will take our train to the university. As soon as the new management of our university took office, they wanted to take the trains up. We forced the conditions, and applied for a loan of TL 70 million from Iller Bank. With this loan we received from Iller Bank, we are setting up a train that goes from the university to the dormitories up and down the university İl.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 15:10

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