Hit the Rails on the Third Local Tram in Samsun

Samsun Tram
Samsun Tram

The third domestic tram of Samsun is on the rails The third stage of the 8 domestic tram purchased by SAMULAŞ within the scope of the second stage construction of Gar-Tekkeköy of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality's light rail line came to Samsun.

Bursa Durmazlar After completing the production and tests at 11 facilities, the third domestic tram departing from Bursa on Sunday reached Samsun by road in the evening.

Panorama model tram, which is a new member of the light rail line that provides passenger transportation service between the University and Tekkeköy for approximately 30 kilometer line, was lowered to the rail with the operation performed at the Gar Station and included in the light rail line.

The third Panorama, after the rail operation between 01.00-04.00 hours from the station station area, was followed by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samulaş A.Ş. Moved to the Maintenance and Operation building. Kadir Gürkan, Member of the Board of Directors of Samulaş, and Samulaş administrative and technical team Durmazlar company technical staff took part.

5524 coded Panorama model light rail vehicle operating tests Samulaş and the company team started immediately, while the University-Tekkeköy light rail system after the performance tests will begin to serve the third local tram Samsun people.

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