Historical Karşıyaka The station should be a museum

Historical Karşıyaka The station museum should be:Karşıyakahistoric railway station “Karşıyaka Museum.

In this regard Karşıyaka Municipality and various NGOs and “Karşıyaka Protests and marches were held with the initiative of Sevdalları. Izmir Deputy, Ak Party Chairman and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, especially wishes were forwarded to all deputies. Support requested.

Insensitive to all these events, the owner of the TCDD, after long-lasting and bored public restoration work, the historical structure "cafe-restaurant" as a tender. Before the tender Karşıyaka Under the leadership of Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar KarşıyakaThe voice and power of the people ensured that the tender phase was put to a point for now and the TCDD had to cancel the tender.

"Historical Karşıyaka Station's TCDD 3. Cancel the “use tender ecek to be held by the Regional Directorate without giving any reason to değerlendirmek re-evaluate” the Ministry Karşıyakacreated great joy among the people.

Reconsideration meant that this historic building was opened to other purposes than cafes and restaurants. Therefore, the ministry ıKarşıyaka Provided that the museum ” Karşıyaka Municipality and we are waiting. History is full of memories Karşıyaka It will be decorated with various memories of everyone who comes to the station, who is a passenger, waiting for passengers and falling down the road “Karşıyaka City Museum ”I think it will be the most beautiful work that suits this building…

At every opportunity Karşıyakawho will run the city with the people and Karşıyakato listen to the problems of the inhabitants to the end, trying to find solutions Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar insists on this issue.

“We are a district that takes its power from its past. Identity of our city, history Karşıyaka We won't sacrifice Station to rent. I would like to thank all of our fellow countrymen for their support by participating in our press release. We will not let go of this business ın with the initiatives of President Akpınar, whom I believe that his words are always behind him ınKarşıyaka Everybody should put their hands under the stone to become a city museum. Karşıyaka Municipality and the president. Of course, the NGOs that started this movement should definitely take part in this formation.

In total, 572 square meter closed, 1754 square meter open area of ​​the station next month I believe 34 thousand TL rental fee TCDD does not need any but no. Moreover, there are so many cafes in the vicinity birisi One of them is the tavern of the railway passengers who have retired from their own structure which constitutes the first part of the building…

For the first time in the history of railways, combined transport KarşıyakaWe will see it happening in. Combined ticket application on suburban train and horse-drawn trams started here on August 21, 1903. First position application in suburban trains Karşıyaka trains. In 1984, the classification for the first time on wagons was also made here and printed on wagons edna (adi), evsat (middle), ala (very good). In the following years, Governor Hasan Fehmi Pasha removed these writings and returned them to the first, second and third classes.

Should a building with such a history be a museum or a café?


Source : I karsiyakahaber.co

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