DurmazlarProduces dolphin faced smiley tram for Kocaeli and Samsun

DurmazlarHas produced dolphin-faced tram smiling for Kocaeli and Samsun: It is between Ipekböceği tram and Bursa which makes tram between 7 city which produces tram in the world. Durmazlar is preparing new models for new projects.
And this…
Durmazlar Machinery Chairman Hüseyin Durmaz explained:
Uz For Bursa, we produce the Silkworm model tramway in accordance with the city's history and culture. For Kocaeli and Samsun, which are on the coast, we produced the model that expresses the smiling face of dolphin. Deniz
Production information also gave:
Ek We delivered the 11 Silkworm for Bursa, 12. is being delivered. 6 will do more and 18 will. There is an 12 tram for Kocaeli and we expect the infrastructure to be completed. 6 wagons work in Samsun. Samsun
He added:
Larda We produced 32 green wagons for the Bursa metro and they work on the rails. “
He pointed out:
Iyor Tram production does not look like a car. The car is moving fast in the production line, but it is not so much in the car, it is slow. Otomobil
Status has made the determination:
Lar The British made 1803 at 100 at a speedometer. Xnumx't we began manufacturing the first time in Bursa in Turkey. So 2013 is back years. Yani
He explained the point reached:
Ik But we are developing fast in production and we got 90. We sell wagons at half the cost of buying it from the outside. Dan
He told me that they were able to intervene in a machine in a factory in Argentina where they could intervene:
Iz We are watching the tram in Kocaeli from the factory. We are even looking at the psychology of the mother. If necessary, the technology software should be able to automatically interrupt the driver error. Ger
And proud of:
Bizim Our kids are making it all. They have Mashallah. M

Source: Ahmet Emin YILMAZ

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