Gendarmerie Explored Pamukkale Express

Gendarmerie explored Pamukkale Express: Denizli Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams, public and public safety within the peace and security of public order, within the scope of work to ensure safety and order within the scope of the work has been realized in Pamukkale Express.

Having searched and checked the Anatolian Express, which had previously made the Denizli-Izmir expedition, the drug and bomb search dogs Son and Çalım became the center of attention of the passengers. Denizli Gendarmerie teams searched and checked the Pamukkale Express, which made the Afyonkarahisar - Denizli expedition.

In the search activities, the narcotic dog Son, the bomb search dog also participated in.

Passing on the train, dogs and small children on the train showed great interest in the dogs that tracked a possible danger in the hallway.

Citizens traveling by train stated that the application made by the gendarmerie teams was quite gratifying for them, while such inspections were important in terms of security and showed great interest to bombs and drug dogs.

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