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Transportation of the Future Bozankaya'Also: Founded in 1989 in Germany, started its operations in Turkey in 2003 Bozankaya Automotive stands out from many companies with its strong R & D infrastructure. In the 2015 European of the Year Company Awards field since the inception of the company carrying out R & D projects, Bombardier, Stadler, Neoplan, Siemens, MAN, Heitor Blick, while with global giants like Evobus and Turkey has business partnerships with many municipalities. Bozankayadevelops for the local transportation and directs the public transportation of the future with its local design and production tram, domestic design and production trambus and electric buses. The E-Karat electric bus model travels on average 250-400 kilometers, depending on single charge usage, road conditions and vehicle length (hence the number of batteries used). The relevant intellectual property (patent) rights of the batteries used in electric buses and the management system of the electrical system Bozankayaof Bozankaya's success in the collaboration between academics and universities within the framework of university-industry cooperation is also a major contributor. In the last year, 8 has made big projects and the million dollar projects are being implemented one by one and thus the national industry is developing.

Turkey's first electric bus projects with local and metropolitan municipality of Konya and Eskişehir Tepebaşı Posts in 4 4 Total 10.7 meters in the electric bus (e-carat) is serving, BozankayaWill also deliver 20 12 meters electric buses for İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2017. the contractor so far made all electric buses tenders in Turkey Bozankaya It has been. Bozankaya it also exports 70 of electric bus production. The company's low-floor 19 meter trambus project was completed in June, supported by TUBITAK. Since 2015 in Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, Bozankaya The 12-meter trambus produced by the company continues its activities, and with the additional contract signed in 25, 2016-meter trambus 10-meter trambus contracts were signed and deliveries will begin in 25. Production of 2017 low floor trams for Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues. A consortium with a large German origin company has been established and contracted for the Bangkok 30 series 4 subway vehicle project and deliveries will be started as soon as possible. Within the consortium contract BozankayaTechnology transfer is also included. Also signed intention agreements for high-speed train tender in Canada originated in Turkey with a large rail company to bid 100 million dollars with the company to be established partners and technology transfer issues to be held in Turkey. Attending the Eurasia 2016 and Transist 2016 fairs in Istanbul, especially InnoTrans 2016 in Germany. Bozankaya exhibited domestic production electric vehicles.

It is aimed to deliver the vehicles, which are still in production, in 2017, to increase the localization rates of these projects in 2017 and to progress by developing vehicles with different designs with strong R&D studies. In addition, in many ongoing works, the metro, tram, electric bus and trambus projects planned for 2017 will be implemented.

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