Günsel, the first domestic car of the TRNC was introduced

kktc's domestic car gunsel b introduced
kktc's domestic car gunsel b introduced

The brand, model and technical features of the first highly anticipated domestic automobile to be produced in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which emerged as a result of years of work by the Near East University Innovation Center and R&D teams and the Automotive Engineering department, were introduced to the press.

At a press conference held in the foyer of the Near East University Hospital with an intense participation; Kutlu EVREN, Minister of Public Works and Transportation Kemal DÜRÜST, Minister of National Education and Culture Özdemir BEROVA, Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat ATUN, Minister of Health Faiz SUCUOĞLU, Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri ATAOĞLU, deputies, bureaucrats, senior officials, Near East University Founding Rector Suat GÜNSEL, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Near East University Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. İrfan S. GÜNSEL, Founding Rector of Girne University Cemre GÜNSEL HASKASAP, Rector of Near East University Dr. Prof. Dr. Ümit HASSAN, Rector of Girne University Dr. İlkay SALİHOĞLU, Deans, academicians, executives of institutions and organizations, GÜNSEL family and local and foreign press members took part.

The meeting started with the opening speech, Near East University Board of Trustees President Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. İrfan GÜNSEL, Minister of Public Works and Transport Kemal DÜRÜST, Minister of National Education Özdemir BEROVA and Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat ATUN made speeches.

Assoc. Dr. GÜNSEL: or We want to move to mass production in a short time with the dream that turned into reality SEL
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Near East University, who took the first speech at the event, Assoc. Dr. İrfan GÜNSEL stated that the guests coming here today will witness a dream that will become a reality, and he evaluated this moment as the moment when the scientist saw the prototype of his product after years of labor.

8 50 year after year as a result of the study turned into a reality, stating that the 9 figure is lucky and special for the GÜNSEL family 35 9 the year before the birth of the first day of the first native car was born on the day, he said.

A journey that begins with a dream

In the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the journey of producing automobiles started with the dream of Suat GÜNSEL and he explained that Suat Hodja had made cars from mud and that he had dreamed that couples would fly their hair while traveling. GÜNSEL, 50 stressed that this dream has become a reality with the rich human resources of the Near East University.

Importance of Automobile Production

Mentioning the importance of producing automobiles in his speech, Assoc. Dr. İrfan S. GÜNSEL stated that countries with the automotive industry have a global power and said, “We all know how difficult it is for countries to manufacture cars. Creating a brand known worldwide gives prestige, privilege and power to our country. kazanwill stop. We, as the Near East family, always keep our investments and work under the prestige and privilege of our country. kazanWe did it for the sake of it. We have always done it for our country to move forward. Our goal is to establish our car factory and start mass production in a short time. Our aim is to ensure that our country is among the countries that not only use automobile technologies, but also produce, develop and export them.”

Assoc. Dr. GUNSEL; … The Shield Form Symbolizes Mother, Keeping Together and Preserving ““

Assoc. Dr. GÜNSEL, giving information about the meaning and importance of the logo designed for the car, rakam The name of the ”GÜNSEL“, which is the name of the car, u shield form figure, the letter leştir g ı placed on this form (also 9 figure) and 3 pieces constitute the electric circuit figures. . The figure of the shield represents the mother holding her and the family, the father holding the letter uğ g ve to her family, the perceived “9 ayı represents the family's lucky number and the electrical circuits symbolize the family's 3 brother ü.

Elegant, Efficient and Innovative

Following the demonstration of the video of GÜNSEL, Assoc. Dr. İrfan GÜNSEL sim Our car, which will be exported to the world, will be named lark GÜNSEL SEL. When designing Günsel, we were inspired by Muflon, one of our icons. It was designed in a modern and free way with elegant and strong lines like Muflon Günsel. For Günsel, we use elegant, efficient and innovative slogans. Günsel uses electrical energy which is the future technology in automotive industry. How we went from the stone age to the era of the polished stone is not the end of the stones, if the development of that period, not today because of the oil, but because of the current technological developments and ecological balance we decided to produce an electric-powered car, Nasıl he said.


Describing Günsel's technical features in detail, Assoc. Dr. GÜNSEL, “Günsel travels 350 km with a full battery charge. The cost of this journey will be 17,4 Turkish lira considering today's electricity unit prices. With another account, it will be able to cover 100km with 4.90 TL. It has saved over 80% compared to oil-powered cars in its class. Günsel has a power of 75 kW, which corresponds to approximately 102 horsepower, reaches 100 km in 8 seconds and has a generative braking system. It has an aluminum chassis and a composite body. As it has an electric motor, it is very easy to maintain and use. It can be charged in 7 minutes in mains electricity, 2 in standard charging units and 30 minutes with Günsel charging stations to be installed. Quiet new generation is an elegant, innovative and efficient car. As Günsel continues on its way, we will not stop as a Near East family. We will continue to move towards new horizons with the power and inspiration from the soil and roots of our country, and to build our future while writing our history together. ”

Kemal DÜRÜST: türü I am proud to be the first island country to produce cars Ür

In his speech at the event, Kemal DÜRÜST, Minister of Public Works and Transport, expressed his happiness to be in an organization that is of political, economic, cultural and scientific importance for the TRNC and which will be the first and foremost in this respect. Minister DÜRÜST stated that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus started life in 1989, and that universities started to produce products and that they started to witness the progress of science with progressive education, and started to witness the current life of science. .

Near East University, which has a hospital that can compete with the World in Health, will be established in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with the automotive sector.

Kemal DÜRÜST, Minister of Public Works and Transport, continued his words as follows: ve I am confident that this masterpiece of technology will make a serious contribution not only to the economic development but also in the political sense. Now we can compete with the world. We will see where this product from the Near East University can be reflected. We are proud of this masterpiece which will affect the economy of the country and solve the unemployment problem, and take the occasion to the charities. Ülke

Özdemir BEROVA; ”We are very happy with the domestic car produced by GÜNSEL family with their own funds and their own creation of human resources“

The Minister of National Education and Culture of the TRNC Özdemir BEROVA stated that they have been gathered for an important event and said ER In our time, the important role of our universities in 3 is mentioned. One of them is education and training, and our staff is trained with 14 and 85 thousand students. Our Universities 2. their task is to do research and development. In this context, we have the honor of presenting this beautiful work which is designed by the people of GÜNSEL family and the Near East family for their research and development. Bu

Minister BEROVA said, in The other role of our universities is their service to the society. Today we are proud to see that this role has been given by the Near East University. I would like to say that in our country, funds have a great importance in terms of research and development. Our country is currently conducting research and development by taking a share of these funds. Our National our homeland as the Ministry of Education of our country contacts in Turkey TUBITAK and other research and development funding from leading organizations we did with Turkey we have made tremendous progress in terms of benefiting the university, and I hope very close we are also going to create a good resource for research and development. Today, I would like to reiterate that we are very happy with what they have done to date with their own funds and their human resources with GÜNSEL family, and I wish Günsel to be instrumental in the blessings. Bugün

Sunat ATUN; ”We will introduce Günsel Car in the International Area“

Sunat ATUN, the Minister of Economy and Energy, said that he is proud that they will be doing the opening of a development which has a close relationship with both the economy and the transportation area, which is closely related to our Ministry. Minister Sunat ATUN, “First of all, this is very important. The world was now a global framework, countries and states were important in the past years. Institutions have become important now. In this global world, states' work, strategies and the economic conditions they develop are going beyond states. Today, the first Turkish car in the Turkish world, the first Turkish car described by the President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN'ın today, the first tool made in car technology can say Günsel automobile, '' he said.

ATUN, means revealing GUNSEL family, scientists congratulating and employees, by explaining to their counterparts during their visits in Turkey, introducing Günseli tool will indicate that the road to take step by step its place in the global world in the TRNC, he said.

Minister ATUN said, izi This technology miracle will hopefully save us money from our people's pocket. Near East University was the only science providing education. I congratulate you in this context. We want to take this Günsel car together from technology fairs. We want Günsel to enter our lives in the scientific field as well. Let the path be open to all of us. Y

After the speeches, Near East University Board of Trustees President Assoc. Dr. İrfan GÜNSEL, introducing the creative team in the production of GÜNSEL; Coordinator Ahmet ÇAĞMAN, Production and Design Specialist Serdar ZURNACI, Electronic and Software Engineering Officer Aydın ALÇI, Senior Designer and Stylist Ertunç KIRGÜL, R & D and Reverse Engineering Officer Halil YAKAR, Communication Officer Yalvaç AKGÜN, Internal Operations Officer Tuba GÜVEN, External Operations Specialist Sertel TANTA, Electrical Engineer Volkan Alper KIVRAK, Mechanical Engineer Hasan ALTINTAŞ, Chief Consultant Assoc. Dr. Erkan ATMACA, Art Director and Graphic Designer Asst. Assoc. Dr. Erdoğan thanked ERGÜN.

Press Conference, Near East University Founding Rector. Suat İ. GÜNSEL's cover of GÜNSEL's car has ended with his photoshoot.

Source: Gazetesi.neu.edu.tr

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