izmirde Karşıyaka First Electricity to Tram Line

izmirde Karşıyaka First Electricity to Tram Line:Karşıyaka Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started laying grass on the tram line, will give 750 Watt DC electric current to catheter wires starting from Friday for trial flights between Mavisehir and Bostanli Bridge.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has started the construction of “Konak and Konak ve in order to increase comfort in public transportation and to diversify the environmentally friendly public transportation vehicles. Karşıyaka 28 will make its first test run in December. Within the framework of the construction activities carried out by the Department of Suburban and Rail System Investments, Karşıyaka 750 Watt DC electric current will be supplied to the catheter wires for the test flights that will take place between Mavişehir and Bostanlı Bridge on the tram line. 23 As of Friday, December, the lines to which the energy will be supplied to the catheter wires providing electricity transmission will be Mavişehir, Cahar Dudayev Boulevard, Selçuk Yaşar Street and Cengiz Topel Street tram lines. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality officials announced that the people of İzmir should be more careful in order to prevent the loss of life and property since there will be high voltage energy on the tramway.

“Green Road Ray on Rails
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka “Green Road” application was started on the rails on the Tram Line. The lawn series started on the line outside the intersection crossings was welcomed by the citizens.

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