Explosion in subway station in Moscow

Moscow metro station explosion: A huge explosion occurred at the entrance of the Kolomenskaya metro station in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The flames from the explosion were also seen from the street. According to the report of the Russian TASS agency, four people were injured in the explosion, which was reported to be caused by gas compression. According to reports in the Russian press, 1 person died and 2 people were injured in the explosion. It was reported that two of the injured were subway employees.

Kolomenskya metro station is closed due to the renovation of a major disaster was returned from the threshold was expressed. The scene was referred to a large number of firefighters and ambulances. The security forces circled the area.

After the violent explosion at the entrance of Moscow's Kolomenskya metro station, the public panicked. While everyone thought the reason for such a huge explosion as a terrorist attack, it was stated in the statement from the authorities that a gas cylinder exploded in the underpass, there was no criminal element in the explosion, and the gas cylinder exploded due to security violations while welding.



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