Christmas holiday in Europe left Bursaray uninhibited, Kestel flights stopped

Christmas holiday in Europe left Bursaray unshielded, Kestel flights stopped: it was Sunday yazıl It was announced that the line between the posts hanged on Bursaray stations and Arabayatağı-Kestel was temporarily closed. The reason for the lack of energy was shown.
Since that day…
Bursaray cannot reach Kestel on the East line of the city.
On the day of the malfunctions on Sunday, municipal buses were put into service for passengers after the Arabayatağı Station. The metro station Otosansit arrived immediately after. Then one more step was taken and the subway reached Cumalıkızık Station.
After that, a transient formula was found, and one of the subway vehicles started to cross between Kestel and Cumalıkızık.
On the other hand…
The bus line from Arabayatağı continued for the desired passengers.
As for the problem Sor
On the Kestel Line, which is also accepted as the Eastern Line of Bursaray, there is the 3 large transformer that receives energy from the Arabayatağı-Kestel stations.
Kestel's current breaker in the transformer, ie the switch is burned. Even the electricity could not be provided to the metro stops after the bus stopped.
On the other hand…
Bursaray operator Burulaş moved to replace the burning switch for a new one. However, the switches used were imported with special production abroad.
Upon this…
Immediately, we contacted the manufacturer immediately. However, the company could not be reached due to the Christmas holidays all over Europe.
That's why…
New parts cannot be ordered for the transformer switch on Sunday. The Christmas holiday will be ordered when the Christmas holiday ends and the pieces will be produced.
That's why…
Unable to calculate how long he would have to wait, Burulaş developed a special solution on the other hand and started to feed the underground line from the nearest transformer without needing a special electric power line and without the Kestel transformer.
The problem of the burning of the transformer in Kestel was the third misfortune Burulaş had experienced in the last 1 month after the fire on the Izmir Road had affected the Bursaray line and the BUDO sea bus fire in Istanbul.

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