Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Tourism Truck in Bursa

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Tourism Truck in Bursa: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Tourism Truck, Bursa, gave a break. Konya, Antalya and Izmir after the tour of the city's citizens met in Bursa City Tour. Tens of thousands of Dadas in the history and culture of the city of Bursa, Erzurum people meet in Erzurum Tour with tourists in the tastes of Erzurum filled with a full day of civilization took place in the city of Erzurum. Eyüp Tavlaşoğlu, Deputy Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, told the citizens about Erzurum very closely.

Ejder3200 World Ski Center and Konaklı Ski Center and the city's historical and touristic places were introduced in Bursa. Bursa Erzurum Association President Ömer Ömeroğlu and the accompanying Dadaşlar experienced Sılayı Rahim feeling at the event. Bursa on the day of Bursa, Bursa City Square filled with crumbling tea next to the kadayif dessert was served. Tavlaşoğlu, Vice Chairman, said, ind A Bursa wind blew in Bursa.

Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen We convey the greetings of the gentleman to the citizens of the city. The main aim here is to introduce our city and tourism values. Everywhere we go with Bursa, we are introducing Erzurum, the summit city of Anatolia, and we are telling our dream city, which has changed with the mobilization of change and transformation, to local and foreign tourists. Bursa

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