Epsilon-NDT Continues Railway Investments Abroad

Epsilon-NDT Continues to Invest Abroad Railroads: Epsilon-NDT Industrial Control Systems has acquired the shares of BIP Industrietechnik Gmbh, which is a reference in the world for railroads and provides products to the railway operations and production companies in Europe.

Turkey in health care and technology areas, Europe, America and operating in the Middle East Bozlu Holding company Epsilon-NDT, engaged in the production of measuring and test equipment requiring high technology in terms of rail safety BIP with Industrietechnik Gmbh bought by agreeing shares.

Epsilon-NDT provides measurement and test systems in conventional and high-speed train (YHT) applications with the Train Technology Systems (TTS) unit established in 2004. Turkey's largest companies and provide important services in the railway sector as a supplier to government agencies for work that requires advanced technology. Epsilon-NDT, that deal with the control that must be used in the standards determined by production and maintenance periods in Turkey and testers by providing the equipment, sales of high-tech products in the field, service, contributing to its stakeholders by providing calibration and maintenance.

Epsilon-NDT aims to increase its turnover with this purchase

Epsilon-NDT, Industrial Control Systems Commerce & Industry Corporation General Director Mehmet Erinkurt, Turkey relating to railway technology systems and developments in the world market as follows: "TCDD for 2015 of 5 billion to 2016 billion 12 million TL for 154 to 2017 while 6 billion 94 million TL was allocated. Railway investments have become government policy, and investments in this area are expected to increase exponentially over the next 20-30 years. There are very serious investments in the railway sector in the world, especially in China. '' This new agreement with both its receivables from investments in the field of continuing railways in Turkey, as well as Erinkurt telling the world that they have a say in this area in many countries, continuing the conversation "BIP Industretecknik GmbH, in reference, that railway in the world of German railway organization DB (Deutsche Bahn) especially; Austrian Railways, which operates and manufactures other railroads in Europe, has sold products and services for many organizations such as NedTrain, Manten and Siemens. Thanks to this agreement with BIP, we aim to increase our turnover by 15% to over 100 million TL. ” said.

About Epsilon-NDT Industrial Control Systems

Epsilon NDT Inc.; Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Industrial Safety and Train Technology Systems units and aviation, defense, transportation, automotive, energy, iron and petrochemical industries, such as industries; offers products, systems, solutions and training services. Since its inception, it has been the pioneer of the firsts in its own fields with its innovative company culture.

Epsilon NDT Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is the world leading company in its sector with units in Turkey and Asian countries represents a successful front. It offers customer oriented equipment, hardware and engineering solutions according to standards. The change in sales of radioactive sources and devices is the founder of the first private licensed source cells change in Turkey and continues to maintain its market leadership position.
Among the subsidiaries of Epsilon-NDT AS, there is also a freight wagon production facility mainly exporting in Bursa.



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