Penalty from EGO to Private Public Buses

Penalty from EGO to Private Public Buses: EGO General Manager Balamir Gündoğdu said, “In order to punish the veteran girl who travels in the private public bus by not forgiving the offending word of the ticketmaker,“ Behavior of the martyrs and the veterans and the veterans is not acceptable. . As EGO, we enforce and enforce all kinds of sanctions for those who do this kind of behavior. ”

General Manager Gündoğdu stated that relatives of martyrs and veterans and veterans who made their lives tied for their homeland made every effort to make the best use of all services provided by EGO.

EGO's sensitivity to this issue is known to all the public Gündoğdu, said:
“It is not possible to accept even the slightest injuries of our veterans and martyrs. Let these citizens inform us immediately if they encounter any bad words or behavior while benefiting from the free public transportation application they have.

As EGO, we do not allow such acts on any public transport vehicle we have under our control. In the event that complaints are received by us, no matter what public transportation means, after the necessary examination, we will be given the penalties they deserve. In

The Criminal Commission affiliated to the EGO General Directorate Bus Department met yesterday and examined the images that were the subject of the complaint and determined the reality of the incident. The commission decided to dismiss the private bus of the public bus number 263 operating on the Etlik-Balgat line for 2 days, while the driver and ticket player of the bus were also dismissed.

In the Criminal Commission, complaints were made to the 153 Blue Table regarding similar offensive remarks and behaviors that they had been subjected to in private public transport due to the free transport of relatives of martyrs.

The commission also sent a private public bus between 413 Turkish business and Çankaya, which complained about, and a private public transport vehicle between Sincan and Ankara, for 1 day, while the ticket driver of the 413 bus and the driver of the vehicle on the Sincan line. he decided to dismiss him.



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