Neighborhoods in Istanbul

Neighborhoods that are Easiest to Access in Istanbul: REIDIN analyzed the degree of "walkability" by measuring the distances of the neighborhoods in Istanbul to the metrobus stops and the rail system.

One of the features increasing the value of a house or a house to be purchased is the ease of transportation. REIDIN, the real estate information service, deals with different social indicators in the provincial-district-neighborhood detail, while also preparing the detay walkability score Gayrimenkul.

Do you know the walkability score of the house you are considering to buy, the nearest metrobus station and the rail system station where you live?

REIDIN Real Estate Information Service; comprehensive and detailed information about the real estate Turkey real estate sector, offering analysis and research. Different social indicators are taken into consideration by REIDIN in different regions and headings as well as reports, analyzes, and district, district and neighborhood details.

The REIDIN social indicators, which are very valuable for those who will make real estate investments, are evaluated by scoring in four main headings: Green life score, building density score, slope score and walkability score (Metrobus stop / Rail system stop).

The REIDIN Walkability Score is covered in two separate sections: a metrobus stop and a rail stop. Metrobus Station analyzes the walking distance to the metrobus stops of the neighborhoods in Istanbul.

On the other hand, REIDIN Walkability Score -Raylı System Stop is able to examine the walking distance of the neighborhoods of Istanbul in terms of distance to the metro, tram, cable car stops.

Istanbul's Metrobus Walkability Score Highest 10 District

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