Dündar Ünlü's statement of 1 / 25.000 master development plan

Description of 1 / 25.000 master plan from Dündar Ünlü: AK Party Metropolitan Group President and Eskişehir Provincial Chairman M. Dündar Ünlü made a statement regarding the evaluation of objections to the 1 / 25.000 plan.

AK Party Eskişehir Provincial Chairman Celebrity, unanimously passed the parliament 1 / 25.000 master plan during the suspension period, the objections made by the relevant parties by the AK Party group was scrupulously examined. Ünlü said, belirtil All objections regarding the areas where the petition is made by stating that there are grievances have been examined and objections have been concluded by considering equality principles against public interest and public burdens and new regulations have been proposed in the places where grievance is detected.

University areas are the most important topics of public interest. Approximately 150 hectare university area located in Mamuca area has objection of 29 right holder in this area. The beneficiaries demand that this area be removed from the university area and evaluated as a housing development area. As a result of the investigations, it was found that there is no public land that may be a university area in the immediate vicinity of the said area. Our group expressed the opinion that the university area, which is currently an agricultural land, should remain as the university area.

There are objections of 2 people who are entitled to these 196 university sites located in Yusuflar area. The beneficiaries demand that this area be removed from the university area and evaluated as housing development or agricultural land. As a result of the examinations made by our group, 2 region, which may be a public university area, was found in the west direction of Yusuflar locality and to the right and left of the southern ring road. The objections of the beneficiaries were accepted by our group partly due to the existence of public land which could be replaced soon and it was stated that the 2 university area will be moved to this newly identified 2 region and that the areas in Yusuflar area will remain as agricultural land with the existing form before 1 / 25.000 plan ”.

“New railway line plans were prepared for Karabayır location by meeting with TCDD officials”
AK Party provincial chairman Ünlü, Karabayir high-speed train passing through the settlement area and so the TCDD officials on request to change the route of the new railway line plan was discussed. Mayor Ünlü said, Karab The first is the Karabayır region. There are 331 objections made to the crossing route of TCDD high-speed railway line passing through Karabayır area. Citizens living in this area demand that the railway route be changed as the railway line passes through the existing settlement area and thus creates grievances. Our group has discussed with the TCDD officials of the high-speed railway line in order to identify a new high-speed railway line that will eliminate the grievances.

As a result of the negotiations with TCDD officials, new railway line plans were prepared to minimize the grievances. The second of the regions where there is a large number of objections is the objection of 208 person for the transformation of the existing small industrial area in our district of Odunpazarı into a trade-tourism-residential area. Some rights holders in this area demand that this area remain as a small industrial area. However, the area in question is no longer a small industrial area in 1, but in the development plans in 25.000 years ago, not in 2002 / 1 plans. It is also within the boundaries of the urban transformation area. The issue of the abolition of the Small Industry from this region has been discussed for years and there is a consensus on the need to lift it. Our group has rejected the objection and determined that the area will remain as trade-tourism-housing area in 25.000 / 7 plans. Again, there is an objection of XNUMX beneficiary and industrial management in the area related to transformation of the existing BAKSAN industrial site area in Tepebaşı district to trade, tourism and housing area. The objectors demand that the area remain as an industrial area.

As in the small industrial area of ​​Odunpazarı, a consensus has been formed in the society to remove the area from its location. Our Group has stated that the area in question will remain as a trade, tourism and residential area. However, in this process, an item related to this field has been added to the 1 / 25 000 master plan plan notes in order to avoid any harm to the tradesmen working in this field and it is evaluated that transformation will be achieved until the end of the planning process. This is mainly the result of the detailed and meticulous investigations of our Group and the decisions taken for objections. I hope that the 1 / 25.000 plans, which our city has achieved after many years with our efforts, will be beneficial to our city and the public bulundu.

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