There is no gateway from BURULAŞ to the pirate

There are no gates from BURULAŞ: there are special public buses that are renowned for slaughtering the environment by burning 10 oil and the drivers do not know the rules which are frequently encountered with the rough behavior of passengers under BURULAŞ's follow-up.

BURULAŞ, one of the affiliates of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, stated that private public buses found to be working as pirates in public transportation will be banned from traffic and audits are continuing.

Bursa media in the action against the pirate bus news BURULAS made an announcement in the evening hours. According to the statement made by BURULAŞ, 10 age limit was found on public transportation buses. Authorities who said that the relevant audits were made, said that the validator of the 10 vehicle, which is in a bad condition and does not renew its vehicles although it exceeds the 3 age limit in the first place, is closed. However, the 3 vehicle as a pirate and money detecting that the vehicles are working for money as urgent traffic will be banned from the authorities, said the controls will continue meticulously.


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