MPs Ilıcalı Erzurum tram project brought up in Parliament

Ilıcalı Erzurum Deputy Parliament brought the tram project on the agenda: Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament), the General Assembly, the year 2017 the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communications has made budget negotiations.

AK Party deputy from Erzurum Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı made a speech on behalf of the AK Party Group in the Draft Law on 2017 Budget. Ilıcalı, the General Assembly of the Parliament in the negotiations, prepared for the tram project prepared for Erzurum, the Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan'den request for the immediate implementation of the project.

Tramway Project Of Erzurum Arrives In The General Assembly Of The Turkish Grand National Assembly

In his speech at the General Assembly on the budget of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs, MP Ilıcalı, who did not forget Erzurum, addressed Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan. Metropolitan Municipality sent. What happens, let's do this 9,5 kilometer project as soon as possible. At the opening of the Ankara High-speed Railway Station, the President of the Republic of Turkey said, “The High-Speed ​​Train will arrive at 2023 in Erzurum. Ankara Let's start it in Erzurum. In addition, you have made Ovit in the North. "said.

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