The Cold Nightmare

Nightmare in Cold Times: There are many complaints about the delay of İZBAN flights. Citizens, 45 minutes until they wait in the stations. Especially on cold days, long waiting times became citizens' nightmare.

Works are hampering

Following the intensive complaints, the explanation from İZBAN to Yeni Asır is as follows:

D An important issue that may cause disruptions in our business is the line renovation and maintenance works carried out by TCDD between Menemen and Aliağa. Since the beginning of August 4.5 09.00-16.00 19.45 and 3 since the beginning of the work in the evening and the evening after the XNUMX'den until the last expedition can do business on a single line, and this causes delays. The reasons such as the fact that the vehicles that make line renovation and maintenance work sometimes leave their working areas late in the morning, start their work late, or even the road workers are working can negatively affect the business from time to time. In the meantime, we would like to know that every drawback in the rail system has a chain effect. So; signal, scissors, electric and train failures or XNUMX occurring in a specific area of ​​the line. The delays experienced by the reasons such as the fact that the persons enter into the line of production and the difficulty of the train doors are affecting the whole line in a short time. şahıs

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