Çiğli Training and Research Hospital Completed

Çiğli Training and Research Hospital Completed Completed Passage: Izmir, Çiğli Training and Research Hospital to connect the Anatolian Street 100 meters could not be made a way. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the citizens who want to make the passage under the İZBAN line urgently, because there is no underpass 4-5 is forced to travel kilometers.

The Çiğli Training and Research Hospital with 30 beds, the construction of which started on November 2012, 680, was put into service. However, the 100-meter road that will connect the hospital to Anadolu Street has not been built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Citizens who have repeatedly called for a 1-meter pedestrian and underpass under the İZBAN line next to the hospital, which will serve approximately 100 million patients, are still trying to cross Anatolia Avenue under primitive conditions. Ata Industrial Site tradesman Nejat Öztürk, who stated that there is an urgent need for a 8782-meter road, which passes under or over the İZBAN line and connects to 100 street and Anadolu Street, because the underground is not constructed, the industrial tradesman is a victim. People are forced to travel 4-5 kilometers, he said.

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