Channel Istanbul Master Plan Completed

Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul

Channel Istanbul master plan has been completed, in order tender: Turkey MEGA projects are being transitioned to a life. One of them is one of the world's biggest channel in the world to work for the channel is starting.

Channel mega-projects the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism in Istanbul, Turkey, is waiting impatiently, the master plan prepared by the opinion of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and other public institutions has been completed. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has sent a letter to the district municipalities to start working on sub-scale plan arrangements. The master details for the final route of the project were also determined. Agricultural, residential, industrial and tourism areas were determined in general terms of the lands on the project route. It is expected that the timetable for the channel will be announced in a short time. After the tender for the Canal Istanbul project, which has a value of 10 billion dollars, will be carried out on land and soil studies for about two years. Then the excavation and construction process will begin.


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