Çanakkale Rail System Planned


Due to the increasing population of the city and the densities experienced at the stops, 17 public buses were put into the service of the people of Çanakkale with a ceremony held in Cumhuriyet Square. In addition to the civilian population, politicians, heads of chambers, heads of institutions, heads of cooperatives and mayors attended the ceremony. During the ceremony, Çanakkale Mayor Ülgür Gökhan also gave information about the rail system, the planning of which was completed…

In order to prevent the increasing population of Çanakkale and the densities experienced from time to time at the bus stops, 17 12-meter public buses with disabled apparatus, with a seating capacity of 27 people and a passenger capacity of up to 100 people, were put into service with a ceremony. After a minute of silence for the martyrs and the singing of the National Anthem, Çanakkale Mayor Ülgür Gökhan, Kepez Mayor Ömer Faruk Mutan, Çanakkale Chamber of Drivers President Mehmet Ali Demir, Public Bus Cooperative President Bali Günay and Otokar Deputy General Manager Basri Akgül made speeches. . Çanakkale Mayor Ülgür Gökhan stated that, as per the new law, all buses have to carry disabled devices, vehicles that do not have a disabled device will be replaced with those with disabled devices in the next year. In his speech, Gökhan also added that the preparations for the rail system were completed by Çanakkale Municipality and gave the good news that there will be a rail public transportation system between Cevat Paşa Secondary School and Güzelyalı in the coming years.

We are enlarging our vehicles, increasing their numbers

Çanakkale Mayor Ülgür Gökhan evaluated the public transportation situation in the city in his speech at the ceremony. Gokhan; “I remember speaking here in this square 10 years ago. In 2006, for the first time, I made the introductory speech about doing this public transportation business together with Cooperative No. 18. At that time, of course, the population of Çanakkale was known. The population of Kepez was known. We later included Kepezi in this business. Then we added Güzelyalı, Dardanosu. It got wider. Now we are going towards the villages. We are going to Çınarlı village, we are at the point of going to Kalabaklı. It will expand as well. The city has grown, the buses have also grown. It had to grow both in volume and in numbers. There is also a legal issue. Public transport must be accessible to the disabled. A law was passed on this, a time was given, but it took time for our tradesmen to keep up with it, but the point we have reached in the end is pleasing. As I said, he grew up with Kepez. At that time, there were protocols in Kepez when there was not such a density, Mr. Mutan tried to express this. I'll open it up a little. Kepez is a developing region.

There are places in the southern part of Çanakkale and, as a result, very serious transportation services should be provided. As of today, the daily passenger carrying capacity has reached the level of 63 thousand-65 thousand. At this point, of course, due to the fact that it is a university city and a university city, densities can be experienced in the morning and evening due to various occasions. In order to relieve these, the volumetric capacities of the vehicles had to increase. At this point, let me share with you the figures we have come to today. Before 2015, we had 19 disabled vehicles. As of 2015, we bought 21 vehicles. Today, we have bought 17 handicapped vehicles. Thus, the cooperative has a total of 57 large 12-meter handicapped vehicles. Apart from this, the Municipality also has 13 vehicles with handicapped apparatus. In the upcoming period, there are 45 7-meter vehicles left, that is, old type vehicles. Because, by law, all vehicles are required to have disabled apparatus. We will provide that too. In this way, we will ensure that all public transportation in Çanakkale is carried out with disabled type vehicles in this context. We are enlarging our vehicles, increasing their numbers. Next year, we will bring all of them to the disabled type. We will reconsider their routes according to new needs.” said.

Gokhan gave information about the rail system

In the continuation of his speech, Mayor Gökhan stated that buses may not be enough for one day in Çanakkale, and he informed and evaluated the rail public transportation system, whose planning was completed. In his speech, Gökhan said; “There are densities in Çanakkale at certain times. Therefore, it is necessary to plan them once again. As a matter of fact, dormitories were built in front of the cemetery at the exit of Çanakkale, residential areas are expanding, a very serious population will settle beyond the 60-meter road in Esenler. When we put them all together, there may be a possibility that even these tools will become insufficient one day. However, here, of course, while all these are happening, the rail system needs to be planned when the population growth reaches 200 thousand. We've done work on it. The construction works have been completed. We only need to reach the number of daily usage in order for the rail system to be formed. This needs to be feasibility. There is no problem in making the investment, once you make the investment; You lay the road, you make the line, but in the next operation phase, this should not hurt.

If you increase the price so that it does not hurt, people will not use it. So we are making our preparations. In fact, the line starting from Cevat Paşa Secondary School in the middle of the 60-meter road will continue by following the new bridge we will build. It is in question that it will continue until the university, maybe tomorrow, until Güzelyalı. At the moment, this population may not be ready to invest in this, but at least 5 years later, work can be started to put the rail system into service.” said.

Mutan; "Best wishes"

In his speech at the ceremony, Kepez Mayor Ömer Faruk Mutan; "I say good luck, without any accident ... I want to question the system a little bit, but I hope that this will contribute to overcoming the problems in transportation and underline the problem." said.

Gunay; "We carry stories of life, many anger and joy"

Speaking at the ceremony, Head of Public Buses Cooperative Bali Günay started his speech by welcoming the participants of the ceremony. “We are honored to see you among us in this program that is meaningful and important not only for us but also for Çanakkale. Dear guests, we drivers are not people who take a machine from one place to another. We carry hundreds of thousands of people, we carry hope, we carry love, we carry beauty. We all carry different faces. We carry life stories, many anger and joys. In summary, we are carrying people. We know that the best of everything suits the world's highest beings. We know that serving the public is a service to the right. We know that if people live, the state will live. For this reason, we strive to present the most beautiful to the most beautiful. Today it puts our 17 buses into service. I wish good luck, thank you. " said.

Chairman of the Chamber of Drivers 65 has been found on my passengers

In his speech at the ceremony, Mehmet Ali Demir, President of Çanakkale Chamber of Drivers, wished the buses to be beneficial and auspicious to the people of Çanakkale and tradesmen, and then reproached passengers over the age of 65. Iron; “Of course we buy these vehicles. These bring us additional burden with income. Again, the hikes taken by our public bus drivers are melting away due to the hikes in the fuel. Again, our problems over the age of 65 continue. This is my personal opinion. Our government contributes 600 lira per vehicle. I say; Neither our state, nor our tradesmen. Get on them for half your money but get on with your fee. In the mornings, our students from free riders over the age of 65 are late for their school. Again, our citizens who will go to work cannot get in. Please I ask them to get on at a certain time. " he spoke.

"I am very proud of my company and myself"

In his speech at the ceremony, Basri Akgül, Deputy General Manager of Otokar, the brand of public buses; “10 years ago, in 2006, we converted from minibus to bus in Çanakkale. I remember saying the following in the speech I gave that day; I would like to thank you all for choosing these vehicles of Otokar company, which produces in European standards. I said that the Turkish people, the people of Çanakkale, everyone should get on the European standard vehicles. From that day on, public bus transportation in Çanakkale, which started with 2016-meter buses in 7, has reached 9 and a half meters, and 12 meters today. The number was not enough, the number was increased. Today, the number of 12-meter buses has reached 50. It has grown in Çanakkale until today. At least when you look at the size of public transport, it's almost doubled. Today, as Otokar, I am very proud on behalf of my company and myself to offer our fully handicapped, fully low-floor buses, which meet European standards and the highest European standards, to your use.” said.

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