Arrangement on curtain walls in Bursa T2 tramway

Arrangement on curtain walls in Bursa T2 tramway: Kent Meydanı - Terminal tram line built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will shorten the curtain walls with high standards, while wrought iron balustrades will add an aesthetic appearance to the street like a city furniture. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, along with the environmental arrangements to be made along the line of urban furniture, such as designed stations and wrought iron railings Istanbul Street will take an aesthetic appearance, he said.

Bursa 9.4 11 station with 2 station, which is designed in line with the goal of knitting Bursa with iron nets, is going on in the Terminal Tram Line. Considering that the height of the curtain walls separating the rail system and the highway will disrupt the visual appearance of the street, the Metropolitan Municipality decreases these walls to 75 centimeters in accordance with the highways standards. In this way, the curtain walls with the same height as the safety barriers on the road will have the perception of the rail system on the street. On the other hand, İstanbul Caddesi will gain an aesthetic image with wrought iron railings to be made on the curtain walls.

The most important entrance of Bursa
Istanbul Street is one of the most important city entrances to Bursa, so all the work to be done on the street said that they attach great importance to quality and aesthetics. Altepe stated that the curtain wall production started in the direction of the terminal but the height of the walls created the image pollution. Lar The fact that the curtain walls separating the tire wheeled vehicles and the rail system was higher than the traffic barriers created an ugly image. Complaints about this issue came from our citizens. Then we wanted to reduce the walls to the highway standard 75 centimeters. We shorten the walls in the section with special devices. After that, the manufacturing to be carried out towards the city center will continue in 75 centimeters. Istanbul Caddesi will have an aesthetic appearance with the wrought iron railings to be constructed on the lines and curtain walls designed as environmental furniture, urban furniture, etc. ”


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