Suggestions came from Bursa MMO for FSM tram project

There were suggestions from Bursa MMO for the FSM tram project: 15th General Assembly of Nilüfer City Council 'FSM Boulevard is being renewed. You decide how to renew it ”on Friday, December 23, 2016.

The General Assembly meeting was held for TMMOB Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch President İbrahim Mart and MMO Bursa Branch Treasurer Ferudun Tetik also attended the general assembly meeting to be decided by the residents of Nilüfer.

In his speech, Ibrahim Mart, head of the MMO Bursa Branch, said that transportation is an important problem for all developing cities, and that this problem can be solved by modern approaches and people-oriented transportation systems.

Stating that the implementation of project democracy is of great importance in transportation projects, Mart said, "It is correct and necessary to determine the rail system as the main mode of transportation in urban transportation."

Emphasizing the importance of integration and transportation planning between transportation types, MMO Bursa Branch President Mart presented the following suggestions to the general assembly in his speech:

The project to be made should be made in accordance with the "Project Democracy".

The rail system, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Nilufer Municipality should work together and be open to the contribution of the institutions.

The Rail System Project to be built at FSM should be designed from Hürriyet to the Beşevler Landing Sculpture.

The FSM must be completely closed to private vehicle traffic. Except vertical passageways.

Integration of municipal buses should be ensured with the FSM Rail System.

Causing image pollution along the boulevard; electric poles, advertising signs etc. should be rearranged.

Electrical, water, sewer systems should be placed under the ground, should be collected in a single channel.

The FSM Rail Project should be implemented in a way that is appropriate for the project democracy and with an adequate study project.

“The rail system should be expanded in Bursa transportation and the underground metro should definitely be planned,” said Mart.

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