Description of President Altepeden BUDO

President Altepeden BUDO Description: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa Sea Buses (BUDO) on the functioning of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul does not have any disagreements.

The regular meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council was held in December. Held in the parliament building in Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Recep Road and Altepe'nin manage the meeting, with expeditions organized by the Istanbul Budo given martyrs in Turkey's internal and external struggle came to the fore. During the meeting where the agenda of the routine parliamentary agenda and the proposals were discussed, a moment of silence was held for the security forces that were killed in the attacks in Istanbul and Kayseri.

Having made the opening speech of the Assembly, the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe touched on the regular buses organized by BUDO between Bursa and Istanbul. Mayor Altepe said that they have 2 piers in Istanbul, one in Sirkeci and the other in Beylikdüzü, and that they regularly organize daily trips from Mudanya center. Kabataş He stated that the distress that appeared on his pier was not valid for Sirkeci. First of BUDO's expeditions Kabataş Noting that he started with his pier, but the BUDO pier was taken to Sirkeci with the practices of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Altepe stated that there are no obstacles for Sirkeci Pier. Mayor Altepe said, “Before KabataşThere was a problem with the size of the sign of the pier in. Later, the pier belonging to BUDO was shifted to Sirkeci. As Bursa, we made the necessary arrangements. We eliminated the uneasiness of Istanbul regarding the sign size. There is no problem right now. They gave us a place in Sirkeci, the heart of Istanbul. Signage doesn't matter to us, big or small. The important thing is the realization of the service. ”

President Altepe, also pointed to the martyrs of Turkey in a speech he gave in the last days. Altepe stressed that the country faced domestic and foreign betrayals. Istanbul from God and given to the martyrs of El Babu in Kayseri explosion mercy, expressed condolences to the relatives of the President Altepe, "Terrorism is targeting Turkey's integrity. Those who cannot break our ascension by normal means are trying to miss our peace. The attacks created an integration in the country. We're familiar with our fellow enemies. Hopefully we will continue our way with determination and we will overcome terrorism. Let's be one and all, let's move together. Yeter


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