The young girl lost her life under the train

The young man who was caught under the train in Aydın lost his life: The high school teenager who was under the train in Aydın yesterday morning died in the hospital where he was taken. The family of the hospital worker of the young man who received the painful news suffered after the incident.

A young man named Süleyman M., who is studying at a private high school, was seriously injured in the morning when the train that made the Denizli-Izmir expedition was hit while waiting on the train route in Orta Mahalle for an unknown reason. Süleyman M., who was taken to ADÜ Medical Faculty Hospital by ambulance upon the notice, died.

Süleyman M.'s father, Mersin M. and his mother, Naime M., working as staff at Aydın State Hospital, who were reported to have committed suicide, suffered at the University Hospital, where they went upon the bitter news. It was learned that the young high school Süleyman M., who died in the incident, was hospitalized and treated because he was poisoned by his relatives a while ago. While the investigation was initiated into the incident, which was seized by the Public Prosecutor's Office, the death of the high school boy upset everyone.

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