The young girl lost her life under the train

The young girl who died under the train lost her life. This morning in Aydın, the teenager staying under the train lost her life in the hospital where she was removed. The family of hospital workers who suffered from pain, after the incident has spent the emergency.

Suleyman M., who was studying in a private high school, was seriously injured as a result of a collision with a train that was on his way from Denizli to Izmir when he was waiting for an unknown reason on the railway in Orta Mahalle in the early morning. Suleyman M., who was taken to ADU Medical Faculty Hospital by ambulance, died on notice.

Suleyman Suleyman M.'nin Aydin State Hospital staff working as his father Mersin M. and his mother Naime M. suffered from the catastrophic news at the University Hospital where the pain. Suleyman M. who died in the incident, was killed by relatives of the relatives of the hospital some time ago learned that the treatment was taken to hospital. When the investigation was seized by the Public Prosecutor's Office, the death of a high school student upset everyone.


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