Arifiye Train Station Started to Serve Partially

Arifiye Train Station Started to Serve Partially: Some parts of the Arifiye Train Station, whose construction has been completed to a large extent, began to serve the citizens.

The completion date of the construction was delayed at the Arifiye Train Station, the construction of which started in February 2014, due to the collapse during the concrete application of the second floor at around 29 on Thursday, May 2014, 17.35. According to the information received from TCDD officials, the investigation due to the accident and the subsequent legal process were effective in not completing the construction on the scheduled date. Some parts of Arifiye Train Station, the construction of which has been completed, started to serve the citizens.

Arifiye Mayor İsmail Karakullukçu stated that the construction of Arifiye Train Station has been completed to a large extent. According to the information we received from TCDD officials; Some parts of the station began to serve citizens. However, there are some shortcomings as Gar is not fully operational. Our citizens need to be a little more patient at Arifiye Train Station, which is planned to be fully put into service in 2017.

With the Arifiye Train Station entirely in service, Arifiye will continue its historical mission and continue to be both the gate of Sakarya and the gate of Istanbul to Anatolia. As the projects that contribute greatly to the development of Arifiye come to life, our district is growing and developing. In this process, we realize our infrastructure investments by considering the needs of our citizens. We have to be prepared for the development and growth as a municipality. ”

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