On the road, it will raise Turkey's first certified welders rail

On the road is Turkey's first certified to train at the rail welder: Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Assistance and Solidarity Association (on the road is) Lifetime in Turkey Supporting Learning-II Grant Program supported by the European Union "Ray Welders are Sertifikalanıy" has a vocational training project TCDD 3 It was introduced at the meeting held in. Culture and Art Center. The opening meeting of the project, which was approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security European Union Coordination Department Human Resources Development Operational Program, was awarded the 114 thousand 402 Euro grant and brought together the representatives of the rail system sector. Under the coordination of YOLDER, the project to be implemented in cooperation with Erzincan University Refahiye Vocational School and TCDD Ankara Training Center will provide training for rail welders, which are of great importance in terms of safety in the railway infrastructure, in accordance with professional qualifications and certificated by authorized certification bodies. Completion of the project will be carried out employment work for Turkey's first certified welders rail.

In the opening call of the Ray Welders Certification Project, which is entitled to receive grant support through 1200, TCDD 3 Regional Director Selim Koçbay, TCDD 7. senior executives of TCDD, Professionals of Professional Qualifications Authority and Raytest Certification Agency, YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat and members of the board of directors and many employees of the rail systems sector and students attended the event.

My way is the Chairman made the opening speech of the meeting Ozden Parker, Supporting-II Lifelong Learning in Turkey Grant Scheme said they were proud to be one of the supported 39 project, "The project, rail welders to prepare teaching modules compatible with professional qualifications and promote the ratification, rail welders of prepared for the purpose of supporting vocational preparatory exam preparation processes, raising awareness on certified work awareness and providing employment opportunities to unemployed adults in the field of rail welding. The number of rail welders, one of the major railway professions responsible for the quality and safety of rail systems transportation, is very low in our country and approximately 95 of the existing employees is not certified. Given the increasing number of service providers for rail infrastructure constructions in our country and Europe and the importance of the profession, it is clear that the need for qualified welded and documented rail welders is highly needed. Employment of certified unemployed adults is also an important goal of our project. Since 2009, where we were founded as YOLDER, we continue to provide guidance on the subjects such as vocational training, certification, legal regulations, working conditions in the railway sector. We will continue to work to ensure the certification of sector employees within the framework of national qualifications and the validity of their documents at international level. Our projects, which started with the e-RAIL Project and are now supported by the European Union Funds, which are continuing with the Certification of the Ray Welder Project, are important references in terms of demonstrating the future vision of our Association focused on professional development e.

The project will serve local human resources

In his speech, TCDD 3 Regional Director Selim Koçbay pointed out that foreign resources have been utilized in the works and transactions carried out so far. We would like to thank all parties for this meaningful project supported by the Ministry of European Union and Financial Aid Department. To date, the training activities of the rail welders were carried out by foreign experts. From now on it will be done with our own human resources. In this context, I congratulate everyone who contributed to the project. Bu

Kübra Ulusoy, the Professional Competence Authority Expert at the meeting, gave information about the national qualification system, the document requirement and the supports provided within this scope, while RAYTEST Manager Ebru Köse drew attention to the process and the importance of certification of the workforce in the railway sector in his speech.

Training modules will be prepared, courses will start
The Project Coordinator Özgür İtarcı stated that the training modules to be prepared within the scope of the Ray Welder Certified project will be started with the approval of the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning from the Ministry of National Education. 6 training will be held in 60 course in Ankara, Izmir and Erzincan. Education passed the examination successfully complete the Vocational Qualification certification center authorized by the Authority, will be Turkey's first certified welders rail. In the final phase of the project, work will be carried out for the employment of trainees who are eligible for certification. Simultaneously, in 8 provinces, information seminars will be organized in order to raise awareness of lifelong learning and certified work in the provinces and to disseminate the use of training modules, which are the outputs of the rail welders project, by the current employees and rail systems technology department students or alumni. Eş

At the end of the meeting, a plaque of appreciation was given to the speakers for their contributions to the project.


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