Erciyes, the summit of Kayseri, Curses Terror

Erciyes, the summit of Kayseri, Cursed Terror: The treacherous terror in Kayseri was cursed in Erciyes, the summit of Kayseri. Hundreds of skiers reacted to terrorism by skiing with Turkish flags and banners.

A reaction to the treacherous terrorist organization came from the summit. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes A.Ş. Over a thousand skiers participated in the protest against terrorism carried out by Erciyes-Tekir. Turkish flag with together shift beginning skiers, "We curse Terror, Kayseri and Turkey's Chief of Make It Right", "Chukar lamb to Kiyan You are not human," "Whatever you do, Briz, burly, holding out" and carried banners.

In the demonstration held with the participation of all ski clubs in Kayseri, the Turkish National Anthem was sung for our martyrs. The action ended with the reading of the Quran and prayer.

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