TRNC's first domestic car Günsel will be on the roads in 2018


Günsel, the first domestic car of TRNC, will be on the road in 2018: It is the first domestic car that will be produced in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is the result of years of studies by the Near East University Innovation Center and R&D teams and the Automotive Engineering department. Günsel is introduced at MÜSİAD EXPO Fair.

The vehicle is traveling with a full battery, 350 km. The cost of this journey is based on the current electricity prices of the 17,4 Turkish Lira. With another account 100 km 4.90 can fold with TL. It can save over 80 in its class compared to oil-operated cars. The Günsel 75kw has approximately 102 horsepower with an electric motor. It has an aluminum alloy chassis and a composite body. Because it has an electric motor, it is easy to maintain and use. 100 in mains power, 8 in standard charging units, 7 can be charged in minutes with the Solar charging stations to be installed.

”In 2018 we are going to mass production“

Yalvaç Akgün, Communication Officer who introduced Günsel, said, aç The second day at the fair is very nice for us. People want to wonder about the project. The promotions are going well now. We came to introduce our design porter to this Fair. We are proud to be the first domestic vehicle of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We're trying to clear the question marks here. Near East University has been working for 8 years on this tool. In the year of 2017, our production will be produced. In 2018 then we aim to move to mass production. 20 has a team of people but it actually has the support of an entire university. The dream of Suat Günsel who is the father of Günsel family and the dream of us as employees who make this car. A family that is very passionate about the car, we are the car enthusiasts as part of the Günsel family, and this car came out when the two imaginations came together. Otomobil

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