Fatal accident on the line of İZBAN 1 Dead

IZBAN bad catastrophic accident 1 Dead: Izmir, New Foça crossroads on the train rails maintenance worker who work Ramadan Ugur, Menemen-Aliaga died as a result of the trajectory of the İZBAN train.

Izmir Izmir Suburban Line (İZBAN), which made the voyage to Menemen-Aliağa, hit the worker who repaired the railway over the railway tracks at Yeni Foça junction.

The incident occurred last night. Menemen -Aliaga train train, Hatundere -Biçerova station, New Foça crossroads railway line maintenance workers in the service unit repair Ramazan Ugur (56) was hit. While the train could stop at a certain distance, 112 medical teams from the scene determined that Ramazan Uğur had lost his life. Aliağa Gendarmerie and crime scene inspections teams came to the accident area found. Meanwhile, passengers waiting in the train for a while were transferred to another train and sent to the Aliaga station.

After the investigation of the prosecutor Ramazan Ugur (56) funeral Aliaga State Hospital morgue was removed. The investigation was launched.



  1. Who sent this worker to work there late at night without taking any precautions?