Here is the 2017 road map of Izmir


Here is the 2017 road map of Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2017 budget has increased by 10.4 percent compared to last year. 4 million 950 million TL 725 million pounds in the budget, the environment for the 402 million pounds left.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has set its 2017 targets. According to the 2017 Financial Year Performance Program and Financial Budget, which was approved by the Metropolitan Assembly, the 4 expenditure budget, which was determined as 950 billion 2017 million TL, increased by 10.37 percent compared to the previous year.

In 2017, 400 million pounds have been allocated for asphalt paving works in the budget. 196 million pounds for the expropriation works for the budget, 150 million pounds for the light rail vehicle purchases, 126 million pounds for the construction of the tram lines and the purchase of vehicles 70 million pounds for the Homer Bulvarı- Otogar Connection Road, 60 million pounds for the top and bottom passage works on the highways 60 million pounds for the construction of Halkapınar Underground Storage Area within the scope of light rail systems; 51 million pounds for maintenance and repair of the square, boulevard, street and main connection roads, 50.5 million pounds for the purchase of ships, Üçyol-DEU Tınaztepe Campus-Xcaim for the metro line of Buca Koop 50 million, 50 million for F.Altay-Narlıdere Kaymakamlık metro line lira, 50 million pounds for the development of the Izmir Opera house 42.8 million pounds for the development of the signalization system, 39 million pounds for the purchase of vehicles and work machines, 37.2 million pounds for the Milk Lamb Project, 35 million pounds for the coastal arrangements, 30 million pounds for the art structures 30 million pounds for the construction of the car park, the fire brigade to increase the vehicle fleet of 27.3 million pounds were allocated.

Investment wind in newly connected districts
A significant increase was made in the share of infrastructure allocated for the surrounding settlements connected to the Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan Municipality has taken the lion's share of asphalt works in the urban infrastructure sector where the most resources have been allocated with the share of 25 in all sectors in the budget.

In 2017, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will complete the 80 of the viaducts and the 40 of the tunnel on the way between Buca Onat Street and intercity bus terminal and the ring road. 833 million pounds investment will be made in the Urban Infrastructure Sector.

725 million pounds budget for transportation
In the transportation sector, which is the second with the share of 21 in all sectors from the budget of the Metropolitan Municipality, investments for the expansion of the rail network and the efforts to ensure the safety and fluency of the city traffic are prominent. The budget allocated for transportation is 725 million 585 thousand pounds.
126 million TL for the production of tram lines and 150 million TL for the purchase of vehicles, 11.3 million TL for the purchase of vehicles under the Light Rail System Project and 3 million TL for the additional lines to the İZBAN network were determined. Fahrettin Altay-Narlıdere Kaymakamlık Metro line, Evka -140 FuarBornova Central Metro Line, Üçyol opDokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus-Buca Koop metro line construction and Fair in the Izmir area of ​​the Monorail System to be made for the total 42.8 million pounds were allocated. 31.7 million TL has been allocated for the Smart Traffic System which is one of the important projects that will relax the city traffic, and 15 million TL has been allocated for the parking lot construction. It is planned to start the Urla pier with the two fastest ships with the HSC (High Speed ​​Craft) from the purchased XNUMX passenger ship. The construction of the Güzelbahçe Pier will begin.

Green field is growing
402 million TL budget, solid waste and green area activities in the environmental sector is highlighted. 229 million TL has been allocated for the maintenance and maintenance of green areas, new urban forests and recreation areas, and total 62.3 million TL has been allocated for waste transfer and disposal and storage facilities construction and operation.

195 million TL for expropriation
In the urban protection and planning sector, where 358 million TL was allocated, the expropriation activities were again, as every year, with 196 million TL. This was followed by efforts to improve the historical environment with 73 million liras, and coastal arrangements and urban design studies that changed the face of Izmir with 38 million TL. Aktepe, Emrez, Örnekköy, Uzundere, Ege Mahallesi, Bayraklı 26.5 million lira was allocated for urban transformation and healthy housing activities, in particular.

Continue to social support
308.5 million pounds were allocated for preventive and curative health services carried out through Eşrefpaşa Hospital. 58 million pounds for cemetery and burial services, cemetery maintenance and repair, and 80.9 million pounds budget for the sosyal Milk Lamb N project, which has an important place in social projects, was foreseen. The establishment of ”Youth Centers” and ”Disability Awareness Park X within the 37.2 projects is remarkable.

Vehicle is expanding
Using the latest technological tools in its activities and trying to bring technology together with the city in the best way, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality allocated the 9 of its budget to the governance sector. 70.8 million TL was allocated to vehicle and construction machinery leasing and purchases, while 56.4 million TL share was given to the effective use of information technologies. The total budget allocated to the governance sector was set at 308.2 million lira.

For a safer Izmir
276.9 million TL is the biggest share in this sector where total 169.5 million TL resource is allocated and fire, security and security security activities are in place. budget and fire brigade to expand the vehicle fleet, fire and disasters intervention services were devoted to the execution.

Construction of Opera House
The foundation of the Opera House, which İzmirliler waits for, will be laid in 2017. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which foresees 150.9 million pounds for culture, art and sports, allocated the 50 million pounds of this figure to the opera house. For sports activities and plant construction, 47.3 million pounds were allocated.

Izmir's economy is growing
In order to make İzmir a city of fairs and congresses, and to make it a city that develops its place in the world economy, 33.7 million TL has been allocated to tourism and local economy sector. Kültürpark Renovation Project, Mediterranean Aquarium, Zoology Museum and New Continent Habitats projects will be studied. In order to support income generating activities in rural areas, goats, cattle, sheep and rams are going to be distributed for cattle, cattle without sheep and cattle. 8 120 will be trained in different branches within the scope of Professional Factory activities.

50 million support for district municipalities
50 million TL for the joint projects to be realized with the district municipalities from the budget of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. leaving, 12 million TL to the Izmir Development Agency, the backbone of urban transportation to 220 million TL ESHOT'a. support foreseen.

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