Haliç-Kemerburgaz Railway Line Project Protested

Haliç-Kemerburgaz Railway Line Project Protested: One of the pillars passing through the Belgrad Forest before the Metropolitan Municipality of Constantinople against the project of the Northern Forest Defense 'Dekovil nostalgic line is not. Talan project, '' he protested the project with a press release.

The members of the Northern Forest Defense gathered in front of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and opened a banner in the form of “Dekovil is not a nostalgic line, but a project of plundering Kuzey. Tı Dekovil Line is a deforestation project laştırma, proj Belgrad touch to my forest laştırma written by the foreign exchange-bearing participants, chanted various slogans.

Meryem Gökçeoğlu, a member of the Northern Forest Defense Defense, speaking on behalf of the group, stated that the Belgrad Forest is one of the last remaining green areas in Istanbul.

Gokceoglu, 2 thousand hectares of forests passing through the middle of the decovil line and accompanied by the bike path project, the Forest Forest will bring the end of the defending, said:

Land 13 Is the preparation of the project, which is expected to be auctioned in January, on the 6,5 kilometer line in the Belgrad Forest? Which project is being awarded according to the project? Belgrad Forest is a whole with threatened water resources, natural texture, vegetation and creatures. Belgrad Forest cannot be divided by rails, no matter what purpose. Belgrad Forest, which is the legacy of Istanbul, is under the protection of Istanbul. İstanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council CHP Group SözcüTonguç Çoban and members of parliament from CHP also supported.

13 will be auctioned in January

1 Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which decided to revitalize the train line used in World War II, prepared an 55 kilometer railway project, some of which will pass under the historical aqueducts, within the forest.

1 to transport the coal extracted from the villages of Ağaçlı and Çiftalan to the Silahtarağa Power Plant on the Black Sea coast. World War II, the Golden Horn-Black Sea Sahara Line was built in the end of the work to play the last stage.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 55 will be auctioned for January for the Haliç-Kemerburgaz-Black Sea Coast Rail System Line Project executed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department.


Dekovil is a small rail with two rails between 60 cm or less. The Dekovil line is generally used for the transportation of cargo in coal and salt mine production areas and this is the railway line that surrounds the environment.

It is a railroad between the Silahtarağa Power Plant in the 1915 period and the lignite quarries in the north of the city.

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