Eurasia Tunnel Road, Intersection, Overpass Works

Eurasia Tunnel Road, Intersection, Overpass Works: In order to contribute to the solution of the traffic problem in Istanbul and to contribute to the transit of the Bosporus Highway, the construction works of the Eurasian Tunnel Roads, which were built by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, were completed with the investments of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The coastal road from the Kazlıçeşme junction to the Ataköy Rauf Orbay Street, the central Transit Road was removed and aligned with the Eurasian Tunnel by arranging the 2 × 3 strip (three-lane divided road). 12 is a thousand meters of international standard bike path. 320 thousand sqm new green area was added to the region, a thousand new trees were planted 3.

- 4.200 meter 3X2 lane was the main road and side road.
(Total in one direction 15.000 meter road),
- 2 bulk cast pedestrian overpass,
- 1 pedestrian overpass with pre-tensioning beams,
- 1 pieces on-site cast vehicle bridge,
- 3 pieces available bridge demolition,
- 60 bin m2 marine fill
- 70 thousand tons of asphalt,
- 15 thousand meters pedestrian path and
- 6 Km meter is complete the bicycle path at international standard.
(6 Km work continues)
- 320 bin m2 created new green field.
- 3 thousand new trees planted.
- 80 bin m2 hard floor walkways were made.
- 9 bin 500 meter rainwater channel,
- 200 bin m3 road excavation,
- 100 bin m3 road padding,
- 30 bin m3 concrete,
- 350 electric pillars erected.
- 80 thousand meters lighting and fiber optic lines were laid in the pipe.
- 4 thousand meter bored pile,
- 1 bin 300 meter kronman wall,
- 1 bin 300 meter structure,
- 600 meter culvert,
- 105 thousand tons sub-base and base layer of plentmiks poured.
- 5 dismantled thousand meter auto handrails.
- 9 was a thousand meters new car guardrail.

- Green areas were created at the links between the Avtasya Tunnel at Zeytinburnu, Kazlıçeşme Kara and Deniz, at Aytekin Kotil Park, Bakırköy-İDO and Çatladıkapı.


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