Bursaray is given lessons from Christmas coup


If we don't have our own technology, we'll wait for arms to be connected!

Date 2 December 2016 Friday imiz We hosted the event on TV Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Machinery, told the following while explaining the production of subway and tram cars:
Kadar Let's call it a breakdown, look how long the foreign company will come? The technician wants 1 weeks to tell when he will come. We get up from our bed. Biz
These words are more point-shooting technology for rail system technologies, but it shows how important the production of technology started in Bursa in the last period.
Besides, Kal
Our colleague Ihsan Aydin told the event on Wednesday that she was telling us about the problems in Bursaray due to her system software.
The article ...
It was explained that the system software installed by Siemens did not accept the Green City wagons produced as Bombardier and Bursa goods.
This is not the first time in Bursa. We remember what Ekrem Barisik experienced when he went out to tender for the signaling in the streets during his tenure as the Mayor of Bursa where he came with his appointment at 1982.
At that time…
When the municipality turned to a more reasonable offer, the company that set up the signalization infrastructure warned that the city traffic would be affected. The message was returned to the company that set up the infrastructure.
Nowadays ...
The system software incompatibility in Bursaray reminded us of the past.
Besides, Kal
Bursaray Kestel Line system software problem and incompatibility are the most obvious.
Until recently, as seen by the discordance due to the mismatch, the carriage was changed because the manual change of the scissors.
The transfer is removed, but new problems arise after the software problem between Arabayatağı-Kestel.
For example…
The current cut-off device in the current transformer that we transferred on these pages yesterday cannot be changed or changed as the manufacturer is a Christmas holiday. The other piece is waiting for it.
In that respect O
In addition to the problem of the rail system software, the fact that the transformer current breaker was burned off during the Christmas holidays also revealed the fact that lessons were taken in addition to the bad luck:
When technology is external to the world, there is always a risk in every job done. The example is obvious.

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