3.Havalimanı-Gayrettepe Metro will Build the Senbay-Kolin Partnership

3.Havalimanı-Gayrettepe Metro will be constructed by Şenbay-Kolin Partnership: Istanbul New Airport Rail System Line Within the scope of the project work-project, 34 is 31 kilometers long. Halkalı-The tender of the rail line of Gayrettepe-Yeni Airport, which was determined as the first phase of the rail system line planned as a total of 65 kilometers, has been concluded. The tender received 999 million 769 thousand Euro for Kolin-Şenbay Construction. 2018 of the metro line 3 in February of the year. The airport is scheduled to be opened.

The tender for the rail system that will connect Istanbul's new Airport to Şişli-Gayrettepe has come to an end. Şenbay-Kolin Construction companies received the tender for the new Airport-Gayrettepe metro line. The price of the record tender is 999 million 769 thousand 962 Euros. It is also located in the consortium of Kolin Construction 3rd Airport.

The length of the Gayrettepe-New Airport rail line is 36 kilometers. In fact, high speed train sets that make 120 kilometers per hour will be used. The travel times planned in the project are Gayrettepe-Airport 30 minutes. The planned number of stations will be 8. Accordingly, the rail system departing from Gayrettepe will take passengers at Hasdal, Kemerburgaz / Göktürk, Işıklar and 3rd Airport, respectively.

After the tender of 3.Airvananı-Gayrretepe line, the second line is Halkalıhe came either. It will be the second line of the New Airport Halkalı-New Airport route is 31 kilometers long. With the commissioning of this line from Gayrettepe HalkalıA 66 km railway network extending to Istanbul will be brought to Istanbul.

Integrated Points of Istanbul New Airport Rail Line

The integrations planned with the other lines will be as follows:

  • Yenikapı
  • In Gayrettepe with Hacıosman Metro,
  • At the Airport by High Speed ​​Train,
  • Sultangazi-Arnavutköy Line in Arnavutköy,
  • With the Kirazli-Metrokent-Kayasehir Metro in Kayasehir,
  • Bakirkoy-Kirazli-Olimpiyatkoy Metro Station in Olimpiyatköy,
  • Kayaşehir-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy Tramway in Olimpiyatköy,
  • Kirazlı-Halkalı With Metro Halkalı'in,
  • With Marmaray Project Halkalı'in.

Istanbul New Airport Rail Line Lines

xnumx.gayrettep to
until xnumx.kağıth
xnumx.ihsani to
6.3. Airport 2
7.3. Airport 1
8.Aravutköy 1
9.Arnavutköy 2
10.Kayaşehir Metrokent
12. Halkalı Stadium
13. Halkalı



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