2020 million Euro grant from EU to İzmir within the scope of HORIZON 2.5

Within the scope of HORIZON 2020, 2.5 million Euro grant from the EU to İzmir: “HORIZON 2020”, the highest budget grant program of the European Union, will be implemented in İzmir. Within the scope of the program where İzmir is the first among 39 cities, an ecological corridor will be created in the northern part of the city; Steps will be taken to shape the future green infrastructure strategy. Under the program, 2.5 million EURO grant will be received from the EU to Izmir.

As a party to the ond Covenant of Mayors m, which aims to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, İzmir is committed to reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by 2020 by 20. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has made a very good start to the project X Ufuk 2020 Birliği (HORIZON 2020) which is the highest budgeted grant program run by the European Union. Natural Age from Mavişehir

Izmir project, in which innovative practices are proposed to protect the environment in the area from Çamaltı Saltpan to Menemen Plain, won the first place among 39 international projects and deserves a grant of 2.5 million EURO. kazanwas.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will cooperate with Izmir Institute of Technology and Ege University for the first time aiming to bring da nature based solutions stit to the problems in the cities. The special project area and its applications, including the İzmir Wildlife Park, will be a pioneer and practitioner in İspanya Innovative and Nature Based Projects birlikte together with Vallodolid Spain and Liverpool, England.

What is Horizon 2020?

The ın Ufuk 2020 yenilik program, which was introduced as the financial instrument of the European 2020 strategy, is a program designed to collect all financing infrastructure related to research and innovation under a single roof, starting from 2014 year.

Horizon 2020, bozul Smart Cities and Communities 2 kentsel, calls for climate change, uncontrolled urban growth, flood risk, food and water security, loss of biodiversity, degradation of urban natural environment, rehabilitation of dirty-abandoned and idle urban areas. aims to develop ler nature based solutions gibi to solve such problems. All solutions include widespread use of information technologies, public health, quality of life, urban justice axis, and participatory management expectation.

What's in the project?

With the project developed under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, innovative applications will be implemented to protect the environment in the area from Mavişehir to the Natural Life Park, Çamaltı Tuzlesi to Menemen Plain.

Environmentally friendly solutions will be developed for Mavişehir Region, where intensive urbanization is thought to be most affected by climate change, which will eliminate the negative effects of urban air temperature, reduce the risks of sudden floods and make streams easier for the people.

Climate sensitive agriculture will be established

In the special project area covering İzmir Wildlife Park, a 'climate-sensitive agricultural region' will be formed, which will promote the right agricultural practices and encourage community-supported, agricultural and urban agriculture. In this area, there will be practice greenhouses showing the effects of climate change on agriculture, experience and training areas, sales-marketing areas for cooperatives and uses such as eco-market.

An ecological corridor will be created to strengthen this feature of the special project area, which is an important transit point between natural and urban areas. It will include bicycle and walking paths, training courses (bio-boulevard), applications to increase biodiversity, wetlands park, picnic area.

Within the scope of these efforts, steps will be taken to shape the future green infrastructure strategy of İzmir. A symbol space will be created for the targets to be realized by 2020 in accordance with the President's Agreement signed with the applications that help to reduce carbon emission.

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