Today in History: 20 December 1881 Muharrem Decree ...

Today in History
20 December 1881 The regulation known as the Muharram Decree was used to combine all Ottoman debts, while the bonds of the Rumeli Railways were separated. According to this; The interest payments on the bonus bonds were temporarily suspended. But the raffles continued. The nominal value of the bonds was reduced by 45,09 and reduced to 180,36.
20 December 1921 Anatolian-Baghdad and Afyon-Usak Railways and Baghdad Construction Company Directorate General Directorate was moved from Ankara to Eskisehir and then from Ankara to Konya.
20 December 1949 Erzurum-Hasankale (42 km) line is opened.
20 December 2016 The Eurasia Tunnel, which connects the continents of Europe and Asia, is opened.



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