12 year imprisonment for the train crash of 3.5 in Germany

In the accident that took place in Bad Aibling, Bavaria, Germany, on February 09, 2016, between Holzkirchen and Rosenheim stations in Upper Bavaria, in the crash of Meridian trains, 12 people died in the accident that killed 12 people and injured 85 passengers. The trial of the single accused is over.

The lawsuit against the train accident that occurred in Germany in February has finally been concluded. The judge killed 12 people and injured 85. kazanSentenced to three years and six months in prison the only defendant of the navy, expedition control officer Michael P., 40 years old. The judge found the defendant guilty of causing death and injury through negligence. The accused listened to the 3.5-year prison sentence given to him in cold blood without any reaction. Some relatives of those killed in the accident and some passengers injured in the accident followed the hearing. Michael P., who has been imprisoned for over six months, will be released in about three years. Michael P. was accused of playing games on his cell phone while on duty.

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