Rise Against The Rise Protest Funny Discount


Funny Discount against Zam Protest: A petition was launched in Bursa to take back the transportation hike in the subway, which was put into practice the previous day and caused a great public reaction. On the response of the people of Bursa against the increase.

Burulas, which is affiliated with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has reduced the discounted ticket prices in the subway, where it has increased 23 percent since last night, to 10 liras with a 1.75 kurus discount.

Following the increase of 15 to 25 percent on the tuesday in Bursaray, the full passenger fee 2 lira 25 cents 2 pounds 60 penny 1.50 penny 1 pounds 85 pounds 1.75 penny XNUMX increased the rate. After this arrangement, discount cards were determined as XNUMX.

Burulaş, the special ring ticket prices 1 pounds 1,25 pound had been removed.



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