Mayor Altepe, If We Don't Make These Rides, We Can't Operate

Mayor Altepe, If We Do Not Make These Raises, We Cannot Operate Bursara: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they made an 11,8% increase in public transportation and that this would have to cause increased costs and said, “We also do not like it. However, if we do not make these hikes, we cannot operate the system. Or we would have to subsidize it, ”he said. The opposition stated that the hikes have exceeded 15 percent and that these increases should be withdrawn.

The hike in transportation was marked by today's assembly meeting. CHP group sözcüSü Erdal Aktuğ and the group with MHP sözcüSü İhsan Bilgili noted that public transportation was increased by 15 percent, which was exorbitant in the face of 8 percent inflation.

Reminding that the costs have increased, the minimum wage has increased by 30 percent and other inputs have also increased, President Recep Altepe said, “Zam is taken by UKOME's decision. On the one hand, we have to make investments and on the other hand, to run daily business. We cannot act with the mentality of "Let's not raise here, let the municipality make reinforcements". If transportation were to save, the 25 percent share received from private public buses fell to almost zero. Currently we only get the share of the ticket system. We said to the private public bus drivers, "If you are making the ticket system yourself, install it yourself". They did not see. The private sector would be happy if it profited and the system returned. Minimum wage increased by 30 percent, inputs in foreign currency, diesel prices are increasing. We made an average increase of 11,8 percent. The system has to work. Increased tariff is 2 lira and 60 kuruş. On lines two kilometers shorter than this, there are places that can reach 4 liras. With us, 32 kilometers of uninterrupted transportation is 2 lira 60 kuruş. And some feed lines are free after the subway. After landing in Kestel, you will go to TOKI, there is no cost. We adjusted the prices of the students. We also increased the transfer time to 90 minutes. When we do not make these hikes, we cannot operate the system. The money we will spend on investment will have to subsidize the operating expenses. It's not possible. Let's not raise a raise, we don't like it either. "We did not do it for pleasure, but the system will become inoperable."

Stating that a few years ago, citizens went to the university with a transfer from Kestel and cost 4-5 lira, Altepe said, “We are constantly thinking about transportation. There are Mudanya road, İzmir road, Orhaneli Junction, bridges, intersections, T2 line, Yalova Road, transportation master plans. We do not restrict traffic on Istanbul Road. We will relieve the traffic with the bridge crossings. A rail system that works like a shuttle is being built, ”he said.

Mayor Altepe asked the metropolitan cities to be authorized in terms of traffic, control and highway, and said, “The control of traffic and public order are in the Ministry of Interior. Highways at the Ministry of Transport. The whistle is ringing, and we are asked to account. Sanctions, penalties, regulations are not in our hands. Their fines and income are not left to us. However, all the burden and criticism is on us. "We are still trying to figure it out," he said.

CHP Group of Metropolitan Municipality SözcüSü Erdal Aktuğ, on the other hand, stated that they were waiting for the good news of the revocation of the raise from President Altepe, and said, “Let's encourage public transportation” at the parliamentary meeting in September. The ordeal in traffic grows with each passing day. Congestion turns people into insanity. Public transportation is not encouraged, on the contrary, I see that we are moving away from this. "What you said and what you did contradict."

MHP Group SözcüSü İhsan Bilgili also noted that while 3 percent is given to workers and retirees, the 15 percent increase in public transportation is not a defensible side and said, “We want these increases to be taken back. In addition, we want the previous mistakes not to be repeated and the T2 line to be taken underground. Come back from this mistake as soon as possible ”.

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