Prime Minister, Ankara are making the center of high-speed train networks

Prime Minister, We are making Ankara the center of high speed train networks: Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım at the Keçiören Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's mass opening ceremony said, “We are making Ankara the center of high speed train networks. We have put Turkey's largest high-speed train station in Ankara residents of the service, you get auspicious auspicious, "he said.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım spoke at the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality mass opening ceremony in Keçiören.

The highlights of the description are as follows:

Since 2002, we have realized all our revolutionary actions from Ankara among you. We have always carried out silent revolutions that have led to our country from this beautiful city. Reared up with us Ankara, Turkey reared up. Ankara is of great importance for the AK Party. We always carried out silent revolutions from this beautiful city.

As you know, we started the test drives of Keçiören Metro on August 31, hopefully it will be put into service from the beginning of the year. Kecioren Metro is coming into service from the beginning of the year. The transportation ordeal is coming to an end. All the people of Keçiören will be delighted, but two young people will be sad. In their tweet, he says, 'Let our love never end like the Keçiören Metro' metro ends, but young people should never end your love.

Traffic will relax

Mr. President, Yavuz Sultan Selim Boulevard is coming into service on the occasion of this ceremony. Our bridge went into service on August 26. A very important and very important project that relieves the traffic of Istanbul. Dear brothers, This boulevard, which started at the intersection of Selcuklu Gulhane Press Streets, was completed as a 2-lane departure and arrival. Traffic will relax by 40 percent. The load of the Fatih Bridge will be taken. Keçiören did not have an alternative exit, but there will be an alternative exit with this boulevard.

Today we are opening the 88 projects collectively. How much is the amount 2 billion TL. It is halal for Ankara, it deserves more. In the last 14 years in Ankara, in terms of both urbanism and infrastructure investments… We are working on urbanization that will set an example for you in all cities. Today is the world urbanism day. In this sense, we also experience happiness. Ankara deserves exemplary services with its parks, green areas and recreation centers. 98 percent of Ankara's population uses natural gas. 80 percent of city buses also use clean fuel natural gas. It produces as much electricity as it consumes.

100 Native Turksat 6A comes on percent

It carries out the biggest urban transformation in the world in Mamak. In Ankara, Turkey's biggest restoration work. Hopefully, Turksat 6A will be produced in Ankara with 100 percent Turkish workmanship. We give Turkey's Haci Bayram, the largest restoration project in Ankara.

We make Ankara the center of high-speed train networks. We put Turkey's largest high-speed train station in the service of Ankara, get auspicious auspicious. We bring projects to 81 provinces, we bring works. We are taking firm steps towards 2023 targets. Tomorrow will be better than today. Behind us is the prayer and support of our nation.

Günceleme: 12/12/2018 18:20

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