Passengers who are unaware of the strike

Passengers who are unaware of the İZBAN strike are reacted: Due to the disagreement in collective agreement negotiations, İZBAN A.Ş., which operates a suburban area between Aliağa and Torbalı, which is an important part of urban transportation in İZMİR.

A strike started at İZBAN A.Ş., which operates a suburb between Aliağa and Torbalı, which is an important part of urban transportation in İZMİR, due to the disagreement in collective agreement negotiations. The difficulties faced by the public due to the strike were tried to be overcome with additional buses, subways and ferries. There were no major problems in Kkent. Hüseyin Eryüz, Head of the Branch of the Railroad Work Union, said, "If our employer opens his heart to our demands, we will continue our work together happily, hand in hand, from where we left off."

340 personnel of İZBAN A.Ş., the joint company of TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, have quit their jobs as of this morning after the authorized union Demiryol İş decided to strike. Due to the strike of machinists, station operators, toll booths, and maintenance workers, there were no departments operating in the IZBAN line except the electronic announcement system in the system.


Passengers, unaware of the strike, learned about the strike decision from the security guards at their stations. With the instructions of the security guards, it was sent to the areas where the bus services were made. At these moments, some passengers in a rush to catch up reacted to not being informed themselves. In the Izmir Metro, directive announcements were made so that the passengers would not suffer due to the İZBAN strike. In the announcement made about Halkapınar and Hilal Stations, which are the intersection of the metro and İZBAN line and the transfer point, it was reported that these two stations are closed and they can transfer to the buses that are lifted from Halkapınar Station to the İZBAN route. For this reason, the accumulation that may occur especially at Halkapınar Station was partially prevented. Passengers were able to continue their journey by bus. In addition to ESHOT and İZULAŞ, İZDENİZ started to organize additional flights throughout the day in order to prevent the people of İzmir from being affected negatively by the strike. Despite the precautions, many Izmir residents, unaware of the strike, were late to their destination. In addition, additional measures taken in regions with a high passenger density significantly prevented trouble. Transportation was carried out largely without interruption.


Türk-İş 3rd Regional Representative and Demir Yol İş Union managers and members of Demir Yol İş Union, to which the striking workers are affiliated, wanted to make a press statement in front of the Alsancak Station. When the police did not allow the press release to be made at 08.00:XNUMX, the group dispersed. Thereupon, Demir Yol İş Union İzmir Branch Minister Hüseyin Eryüz made a short statement. Eryüz said that negotiations with the İZBAN management continue until late at night, but they could not agree on wages and bonuses.

“At 04.00:340, the staff left their workplaces. Strike lookouts started their guard. We made the decision to strike because of our friends' financial difficulties and their wages close to the poverty line. 105 of the 3 employees receive the minimum wage. It is said that we want a high rate of raise. It may be like that in proportion, but it does not reflect on wages. A 10 percent increase in the salary of 300 thousand TL is 1600 TL. It is 160 TL at 1616 TL. Most of our friends get XNUMX TL. "

Expressing that they want the strike to end happily, Hüseyin Eryüz said, “If our employer opens his heart and eyes to our demands, we will continue our work together happily together. The strike is a means, not an end, for the conflict between us to reach peace. May Allah not be ashamed. May our veterans be blessed. I hope it will lead to good results. As a union, we are behind and supporters of this strike with all our strength ”.


Meanwhile, in the written statement made by İZBAN A.Ş., “İZBAN A.Ş. The collective bargaining agreement negotiations between the Demiryol-İş Union and the Demiryol-İş Union since June continued until late tonight. In order to reach a compromise in the last round of negotiations and to prevent the troubled environment that may be experienced in the city and our employees during the strike period, our institution once again made an additional salary increase proposal by forcing all the conditions. The Demiryol-İş Union, not accepting our last offer, insisted on its decision to strike ”.

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