Trained car in Horasan district of Erzurum

The train car mowed in the district of Horasan in Erzurum: According to the information obtained, the accident occurred in the district of Horasan in Erzurum. The passenger train, which made the Eastern Express Kars-Erzurum flight, hit the 34 PU 1970 plate car under the management of Enes Karataş, passing through the uncontrolled level crossing in Şerefiye Mahallesi. The driver Enes Karataş, who was in the car that was shattered by the impact of the crash, escaped the accident unscathed by chance. After the accident, police teams launched an investigation into the incident.
On the other hand, the residents of the neighborhood who saw the accident uncontrolled level crossing in the passage of a lot of accidents expressed the authorities wanted to find solutions.



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