TCDD Bank Promotion Tender Has Been Done

TCDD Bank Promotion Tender Tender: TCDD Bank Promotion Tender was held on 23 November 2016 at 14: 00 in the meeting hall of TCDD General Directorate.

5 participating in the tender gave the bank a bid.

1.Turned on the offers and opened 2 for new offers. rounded off.

2.Turda only gave Vakıfbank the current bid and the other four banks withdrew from the tender.

By the tender commission,

The tender was finalized by raising the current proposal and by submitting the final proposal and by the representatives of Vakıfbank.

If the final offer of Vakıfbank is not considered sufficient, the cancellation of the tender will be evaluated by the Tender Commission.

If the tender is canceled; The tender specifications will be revised in a way to ensure a competitive environment and new tender preparations will be initiated immediately.

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