Hakkari ski resorts are preparing for the season

Ski resorts in Hakkari are preparing for the season: “Hopefully this year we will serve larger masses and groups. The work in our ski center is at the last stage. We do everything we can to offer our center to the service of our people. ”

Work in ski resorts in Hakkari, which could not reach the desired point in winter tourism due to terrorist attacks despite the snowfall of 6 months of the year, came to an end. With the opening of the ski season, it is aimed to contribute to the city tourism by hosting the citizens in the facilities in Hakkari.

Reşit Güldal, Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports, said that in the city where the social activity area is limited, the citizens can breathe easily with the opening of the ski center. Reminding that they started working in 2010 to open the ski center, Güldal said that nobody guessed that the facility would have been so beautiful at that time.

Stating that they have established two beautiful ski houses in the region thanks to the contributions of the Governorate and the Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA) and the Return to Village and Rehabilitation Project (KDRP), Güldal said that these facilities will be put into service within the 10 day.

Explaining that the work at the Merga Butan Ski Center, located at an altitude of 2 in Hakkari, continues at full speed and will be offered to the public in a short time, Güldal said, “In winter, you will take a tour in the center of Hakkari or you will go to the coffee house or home. You have no other chance. But our ski house, which we finished last year and put into service, is very warm, beautiful, spacious. People are resting here with their families until the evening, having a nice time in a different environment and going down again. ” said.

  • “Studies are at the final stage”

Güldal, 2010 since the year they have opened many beautiful slopes, the existing slopes also said that they corrected, the ski resort has grown even more this year, he said.

Stating that they opened a restaurant next to the ski slope, Güldal said, “People can come here early in the morning and spend time here until the evening. I hope we will serve larger masses and groups this year. The work in our ski center is at the last stage. We do everything we can to offer our center to the service of our people. I am happy that we have such a beautiful track. ” he spoke.

  • “Skiers have a favorite snow quality”

Güldal reminded that the snowfall that started in November in Hakkari continued until April.

Guldal said that until the end of March there was enough snow on the ski slope, he said:

“Here is the snow quality that skiers love the most. We are very lucky in this sense. The snow season is long. As a city, we are in a beautiful place. Right next to us are Iran and Iraq. We have neighboring provinces. If beautiful environments are created, there will be intense interest. If bigger companies and hotels come into play, we will offer better services to people. Last year, we hosted tens of thousands of people here in the winter. Groups from home and abroad came. Our aim is to make money in the ski resort. kazanto provide good services to the people of our province.”

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