Railroad to Revive the Silk Road

İpek Yolunu Railway will be portrayed: Gümüşhane Economic and Development Association (GİK-DER) President Selim Naz commented on the railway message given by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım in Trabzon. Noting the importance of the 23 tunnel emphasizing the 2 kilometer, Naz said, çeken The historic Silk Road will play the railway. X

Gümüşhane Economic and Development Association (GİK-DER) President Selim Nas, Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Trabzon Railway Project, which was heralded in Erzincan by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım in the past few days, and 23 railway tunnels of 2 kilometers that will pass through Zigana, which he mentioned in his speech in Trabzon. made statements regarding Nas, in his statement published with the title "Let a Railroad be Built to My Country or Pass Through My Back", said, "The Black Sea-GAP Railroad Project, which has been planned to be built since 1741, has not been on the agenda of most governments, but has not been studied until today, except for feasibility studies, is of vital importance for our city. Trabzon-Gümüşhane-Erzincan Railway Project has been one of the greatest ideals of our city from past to present. In Gümüşhane, which has a geographically mountainous land, it is not possible to talk about agriculture, animal husbandry, industry or transportation. In recent years, visible improvements have been made on highways compared to the past, countless tunnels have been opened, roads full of dangerous curves that twist like snakes have been given a smooth structure, but it was not and will not be enough to change the bad luck of Gümüşhane. It is an undeniable fact that rail transport, which is the most economically ideal mode of transport, is necessary for the exploitation of rich mineral deposits. Let the first step be taken to the rebirth of the rich mineral deposits here. Let new businesses be established, our state kazantest, our nation kazantest. Let the welfare level of the local people rise, so that they can look to their future with more confidence.” used the phrases.

Nasir said that the punctuation of the railway connection from Erzincan to Gümüşhane on the Black Sea coast would help to bring transportation to the region in an economic way, and added, tal It has a strategic importance in terms of creating an employment area. Black Sea from the start Gumushane route from the region a railway project which will end at the beach, Turkey will be a crucial turning point in terms of regional development and Turkey's historic Silk Road as the natural heir to the geographical will be revived. "He said.

As the GIK-DER railroad project they care about and they have signed many activities in the direction of the Nas, previous years, yıl Memleketime Railway Route Should Be Done on the back e reminded me that they started work on the theme. In this context, in cooperation with Gümüşhane University in 2009, Nas emphasized that they organized the Panel, “For the first time in our city on the railroad, it has been laid on the table scientifically and has started to raise awareness on the railway. 2011 was founded by the lead of GİKDER. The railroad panel is arranged. In addition, by announcing the 2 year of the railway year, we have signed many events that will draw attention to the public. In addition, CSOs were visited in Giresun and Trabzon and the issue of railways was kept on the agenda. When the Prime Minister of the period, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, came to our province in 2011, we presented the special file we prepared about the railway, and we also presented the files we prepared about the railway to many ministers. 2011 has made a wide-ranging press statement on railways and organized regular visits to CSOs in the neighboring cities. In the same year, with the work initiated under the leadership of GİKDER in 6, the Railroad Working Group, which is the secretariat of Gümüşhane Municipality, has been established. Yine

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