Secheron Product Full Security with MACS Circuit Breakers

📩 12/12/2018 18:29

Secheron Product Full Security with MACS Circuit Breakers: The maintenance and control of MACS circuit breakers, which are Secheron products in the Rotem vehicles operated by İzban, have been destroyed because of the lack of special test equipment and tools below. In this explosion the personnel was injured and the vehicle was damaged.

Customers are warned by the company that periodic maintenance and control of the MACS circuit breaker devices operated in many rail system vehicles and the safety rules are complied with, and 64. and 32. These special tools are described for making the adjustment and measurement operations given in

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This device can be used to isolate the MACS circuit breaker from high voltage (up to 40kV) by testing the electrical leakage test.

In order to prevent accidents that cause life-threatening and serious equipment damage such as explosion and explosion, a specialist from Secheron company was brought in 21 and 22 April 2016 and maintenance and control training of MACS circuit breakers in TÜLOMSAŞ was given to TÜLOMSAŞ and TCDD personnel.

However, since this date, it has been suggested that this special measurement and adjustment tools and toolboxes have been taken on various occasions, but it is still not provided by any organization.

Due to the fact that the maintenance and control of MACS devices is not carried out in accordance with special tools and tools, it is important for the organizations such as TCDD, TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ to supply them with the responsibility for the casualties, losses and damages caused by the personnel and vehicles. once again they are presented to their attention.

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