Şeb-i Arusta High Speed ​​Train Abundance

📩 15/12/2018 17:02

Şeb-i Arusta High Speed ​​Train Abundance: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that additional High Speed ​​Train services will be placed on December 10-11 and 17 for the Şeb-i Arus ceremonies organized to commemorate Mevlana.

Minister Arslan said that due to the Seb-i Arus program in Konya, we will carry out additional High Speed ​​Train services by TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ in order to ensure that our citizens travel more easily and especially their late return to Ankara on December 17, when the official program will take place.

Indicating that there are 7 daily YHT flights, 7 departures and 14 arrivals between Ankara and Konya, Arslan added two additional flights on 10 and 11 December at 08.20 and 18.15, and at midnight on 17 December at 08.30 and 18.15 at the official ceremony. He added that additional expedition will be held.

Arslan stated that the citizens showed great interest to YHTs and since its opening, 8,8 million passengers have been carried between Ankara and Konya, 13,5 million between Ankara and Eskişehir, 4,9 million between Ankara and Istanbul and 1,3 million between Konya and Istanbul. he said.

Ankara-Konya between 7 going 7 arrival, Ankara-Eskisehir between 5 going 5 arrival, Ankara-Istanbul between 6 induction-6 arrival, Istanbul and Konya in pointing 2 going 2 arrival, including organized total 40 YHT trips daily, Transportation Minister of Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, said the 17 thousand passengers a day with the said voyages.


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