Denizli people loved the ropeway

Denizli people loved the ropeway: The cable car and plateau project, which was realized in order to enrich the social life of the people of Denizli and spend time in the nature intertwined with nature, entertained millions of citizens after being put into service last year. It will take Denizli one step further in tourism and has the longest cable car in the Aegean; In Turkey, unparalleled complex project attracts the attention of citizens from the first day. Thousands of people every day thousands of people flocked to the 400 meter altitude citizens who spend their time in the nature wonder Bagbasi Plateau, while the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is unrivaled by the project, while collecting great praise.

In addition to the natural beauties, 30 bungalows, Yoruk tent, restaurant, picnic area, local product sales centers, kiosks, masjid and tent camping area can be used by the Metropolitan Municipality. The facility, which meets every need including daily accommodation, serves the visitors and is frequented by those who want to spend a nice day with the new powerfan course.

Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan, cable cars and Bağbaşı that compete with similar plateau in the world, is said to be unprecedented in Turkey. Stating that they have put up the ropeway project to bring Denizli together with its plateaus, which is one of the greatest treasures, Mayor Zolan said, ini We had the happiness of realizing a first in our sea. Denizli Citizens enjoy fresh air and enjoy having a nice time at Bağbaşı Plateau, said President Zolan,, This is a very special facility. Citizens' interest continues to grow with each passing day, Vat he said.

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